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Retaining Happiness

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Neo-Tech Advantage #16

For two-thousand years, altruistic ethics (oriented around the state, society, or God) have been the prime tool of neocheating powercrats (rulers, dictators, politicians, social "intellectuals", theologians). That tool is used to sacrifice the well-being and happiness of value producers to various "higher" causes, such as God, the State, society. Those powercrats apply force and coercion to extract their livelihoods from productive individuals. Neocheating powercrats always operate from behind masks of altruistic higher causes such as fighting wars, fighting drugs, fighting depression, fighting inflation, fighting poverty, fighting pollution, fighting nonbelievers, fighting technology, fighting for the common good, fighting for all sorts of "noble" causes. They do this "fighting" with an air of self-righteousness as they extract their livings from the value producers.

Altruistic ethics are always promoted by professional mystics and neocheaters. Those ethics throw into unresolvable contradictions every innocent, productive person who accepts the ethics of sacrifice (altruism). For one cannot achieve happiness through value production by accepting destructive contradictions such as self-sacrifice. Such contradictions diminish and eventually destroy a productive person's capacity for happiness. Yet, any productive person can avoid losing his or her growth and happiness to sacrifice-demanding neocheaters. How? By consciously rejecting their evil ethics of altruism and "higher causes".

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