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Overcoming Altruistic Ethics

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Neo-Tech Advantage #17

Neo-Tech defines evil as any action designed to physically, intellectually, or emotionally harm human beings. Such is the evil rooted in altruism and related philosophies of sacrifice. Altruistic-rooted evil is sometimes subtle, but is always pervasive and affects all areas of an individual's well-being and happiness.

For example, all nonvalue, "liberated" approaches to sex arise from an altruistic sacrifice of the personal importance and value of sex. After perhaps initial increases in pleasure and "freedom", the longer-range trend for people "liberated" around such altruistic sacrifices is toward impotence and frigidity. Only after repudiating altruistic sacrifice can people discover their full potential for pleasure, passion, and love.

The most harmful neocheaters operate through government, religion, public education, and dishonest journalism. Such people must always fake self-esteem to justify their destructive existences. They do that by slyly attacking businesses, their products, and those who through heroic efforts create productive jobs for others (a supreme moral virtue). For, by attacking through the bizarre, inverted ethics of altruism, even the most destructive neocheaters can fake a moral superiority over great producers and their works. Indeed, attacking values is the only way those neocheaters can gain a drug-like relief from their anxieties caused by living destructively. They get relief by destroying values. That destruction gives them a sense of power -- a faked self-esteem needed to survive -- needed to ward off suicide. ...But with Neo-Tech, the value producers finally have a fumigant to rid their lives of mystics and neocheaters.

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