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Religious/"Playboy"/Psychuous Views

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Neo-Tech Advantage #19

Three basic views of sex and love exist:

  1. The religious-procreative view.
  2. The recreational-fun-noncommitted view (e.g., the "Playboy" view as partly developed by Hugh Hefner in his Playboy magazine).
  3. The psychuous-sex view as developed by the Neo-Tech/Psychuous concepts.

The contradictions and guilt generated by the religious view of sex make psychuous pleasures and romantic love impossible. Today, the guilt caused by the religious view is more cleverly hidden. Still, that subconscious guilt eventually leads to the same loss of pleasure and happiness. An even more devastating loss evolves from performance anxieties caused by the "Playboy" view coupled with the demands to be a sexy person by someone else's standards.

The diminished self-esteem caused by the fun-only "Playboy" view creates anxiety and boredom to steadily diminish sexual pleasures and capacities. That process, if allowed to continue, ends in impotence or frigidity. Much of the impotence in men today is linked to self-esteem problems. Many insecure men who depend on a macho act for pseudo self-esteem collapse into impotence when confronted with healthy, confident, sexually liberated women who see through their act as laughable, immature, childish. ...Even more devastating: macho-type value destroyers lack self-esteem. Thus, their sex lives decline toward impotence. And once entangled in the Neo-Tech matrix, they lose their sexual potency quickly and permanently.

Only the third view, the psychuous-sex view, equates with human nature. Psychuous sex permits growth of mutual values, open-ended happiness, and genuine sexual pleasures for both men and women. But most innocent people subconsciously perceive sex through a combination of those three views. The result is various degrees of satisfaction as the negative effects of the religious and "Playboy" views undermine one's natural, healthy, value-oriented view of sex.

Despite the psychological harm the "Playboy" view causes, Hugh Hefner and his Playboy magazine contributed greatly to the well-being of men and women by countering the oppressive guilt of religion and control by government. Moreover, the Playboy Corporation morally defended individual rights related to sexual matters through the Playboy Forum and the Playboy Foundation [Re: Concept 122, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia].

Overall, Playboy magazine has helped lift sexual guilt and repression from millions of human beings. For Playboy magazine editorially reflected the prime moral ethic that everyone has the right to live for his or her own happiness. That benevolent, guiltless view of life has always left Playboy magazine and its founder, Hugh Hefner, open to unjust attack. Such attacks emanate from envious, anti-life losers and neocheating organizations seeking unearned power, including most women's lib organizations such as NOW.

Playboy magazine has made major contributions toward lifting sexual guilt and repression by projecting sex as a healthy, pleasurable activity. But, Playboy's values are diminished by its erroneous, "casual-fun" viewpoints on sex, love, and women.

Ironically, even the religious view does not diminish one's self-esteem as much as the "Playboy" view over the long term. For most religions do hold sex as serious and important for procreation [Re: Concept 39, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. But the overall effect of religion has been to deprive most human beings of happiness and pleasure they earn. Religion does that through projection of unearned guilt and by wiping out the objective links between morality, pleasure, happiness, value, and sex. Indeed, religion has always striven to deprive the human race of not only its material well-being but of its psychological well-being and happiness [Re: Concept 43, Neo-Tech Encyclopedia].

Many potentially rewarding romantic-love situations are needlessly destroyed either by the religious trap of guilt or by the "Playboy" trap of treating sex as an unimportant, casual-fun activity. Only the Neo-Tech/Psychuous view guiltlessly combines the mind and body to allow men and women to fully experience their earned pleasures, love, and happiness.

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