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Requirements for Psychuous Pleasures

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Neo-Tech Advantage #20

The requirements for psychuous pleasures depend on human biological needs -- on human material, physical, psychological, emotional, and intellectual needs. Since biological needs change only with extremely long-term evolutionary change, the requirements for psychuous pleasures will not basically change for as long as the current human civilization exists. ...Those requirements for psychuous pleasures are:


The development of physical awareness is needed to integrate the body, emotions, and intellect into a harmonious conscious being. Contrary to the erroneous religious and "Playboy" views, no separation or dichotomy exists between the mind and body. For, by nature, the mind and body always function as an integrated whole.

Psychological and Emotional

The development of self-esteem is needed to feel worthy of pleasure, love, happiness.


The development of an efficient, rational mind is needed to competitively produce the desirable, tradeable values required for quality survival.

* * *

The Neo-Tech/Psychuous Concepts throughout this manuscript show how one can meet the above requirements.

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