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Psychuous vs. Sensuous

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Neo-Tech Advantage #21

Sensuous behavior can increase psychuous pleasures. But since psychuous pleasures involve the whole person in both sexual and nonsexual experiences, those pleasures are not dependent on sensuous behavior.

Most individuals can and should increase their sexual attractiveness. But some people reduce their natural sex appeal by faking sensuousness. And disaster results when a psychuously unattractive person (e.g., a professional neocheater, mystic, or any other destructive person) habitually tries to conceal his or her worthlessness or defaults by faking sensuousness. As that person's defaults become harder to hide, the demand for a put-on image (e.g., playboy, evangelist, political or bureaucratic powercrat, jet-setter, machismo) mounts until the image breaks. At that point, the value destroyer's chance for psychuous pleasures and happiness plunge to near zero.

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