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Psychuous Experiences

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Neo-Tech Advantage #22

The Neo-Tech/Psychuous concepts deliver a rainbow of new, valid ideas that allow a person to dump the mystical ideas of sacrifice and altruism. That dumping of mysticism allows a person to guiltlessly experience psychuous pleasures and prosperity.

Moreover, psychuous sex is an intense mind-body experience. Yet, psychuous sex does not always produce intense physical reactions. That would be too exhausting, too demanding, and eventually boring. Psychuous-sex intensity is measured by emotional depth and expression...not by overt physical reactions.

Value destroyers often fake pleasures they cannot experience. But the habitual faking of sexual pleasures will cause a malcontentment with sex that leads to impotence or frigidity.

On the other hand, value producers can experience continuously growing psychuous pleasures, not only from sex but from all rewarding activities, especially productive work. [Re: Table 4 in Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia traces the development of psychuous pleasures from birth.]

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