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Neo-Tech Advantage #24

Most people can recall reading inspiring, mind-over-matter, positive-thinking books and articles that offer rules for self-improvement. Generally the inspiration and determination to follow someone else's non-sequitur rules remain for various periods of time...until that person returns to his or her own self and situation.

Likewise, reading about rules for improving financial, business, or personal situations versus actual improvement of such situations are two different activities. Nevertheless, gaining knowledge through reading is a prerequisite for most productive achievements. Yet, most "self-improvement" books promote altruistic premises and "mind-over-matter" mysticism (e.g., "positive-thinking" approaches). Such approaches are self-defeating. By contrast, Neo-Tech operates on provable premises and self-interest ideas that let anyone achieve permanent advantages, prosperity, and happiness.

Specifically, Neo-Tech operates on the premises that the conscious individual is by nature (1) good, (2) the highest value in the universe, and (3) competent to understand and deal with reality. By adopting those premises, one can enjoy guiltless freedom and an immediate advantage over the professional mystics and neocheaters who operate through government and religion. ...By adopting Neo-Tech premises, a person can achieve great prosperity and psychuous pleasures.

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