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Neo-Tech Advantage #26

Erich Fromm's best selling book, The Art of Loving, is among the most subtly damaging pieces of literature since the Bible in undermining human well-being and happiness. For the independent-thinking reader seeking knowledge, however, nearly every well-written book, even dishonest and harmful books, can be valuable for extracting new understandings of either positive or negative views. For example, the reader gains valuable knowledge in discovering that Erich Fromm's central (but initially disguised) theme is that "real love" means loving everyone causelessly and equally. Any discrimination in love is condemned by Fromm as unloving selfishness. That dishonest, egalitarian theme wipes out the objective standards of human values, love, worth, and especially justice.

Fromm's false theme implies that no one has to earn love, value, or worth. If the person is your lover, husband, wife or child, that person should have no more of your love and valuation than a beggar in Calcutta, or a Hitler, or a Charles Manson...they all should be valued and loved equally. In other words, according to Fromm's theme, all human beings, regardless of their earned values or characters, should be diminished until they are equal in value to the lowest, meanest, unhappiest human being on this earth. That same destructive, unjust theme is promoted repeatedly by the Bible in both explicit and implicit terms.

Albert Schweitzer goes a step further in suggesting that one should love all living entities equally. That means a person's love for one's husband, wife, or child should never exceed the love that person could give to a stranger, or to a tree, a blade of grass, a weed. Indeed, certain Asiatic philosophies take still another step in declaring that all nonliving entities must also have equal love. In other words, the love for one's spouse or child should not exceed the love one could feel for a pebble on the beach. ...Such is the meaning of love to the Fromms, the Schweitzers, the Bible, and other neocheating promoters of egalitarianism and altruism.

But an even more malevolent theme has recently developed in the rhetoric and actions of today's neocheating "ecologists" and "environmentalists". They, by using the force of government, place the "well-being" of birds, insects (including mosquitoes), trees, plants, and inanimate "landscapes" above the lives, well-being, and happiness of human beings [Re: Concept 101, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. Those anti-human themes are extensions of the altruistic philosophy advanced through books such as the Bible and Fromm's The Art of Loving.

And beyond? What does a future of growing egalitarianism and altruism hold? Constant exposure to the increasing atrocities of altruism and egalitarianism gradually numbs people into silently accepting higher and higher levels of injustice, human suffering, crippling of minds, killing, violence, terrorism. Fewer and fewer people object or even care about those mounting atrocities. Before Neo-Tech, those who consistently upheld individual rights to life and property were fading in both intensity and numbers. In that way, conditions were developing for the ultimate egalitarian end result -- an eventual worldwide, Leninist-style or religious-style slaughterhouse. But Neo-Tech is reversing that trend -- slowly today, rapidly tomorrow.

The final egalitarian "purification" is always the mass liquidation of human life. That "purification" starts with the exploitation and then sacrifice of the productive middle class and ends with their physical slaughter. Those who live by honest principles, those who uphold freedom and justice, those who love life, those who will not surrender their minds and lives to others, those who produce the most values for others -- they, as the best, are eliminated first. The mass destruction of the best, the innocent, the virtuous producer of values has been occurring with increasing intensity in various African and Asian countries. And the same would happen throughout the Western world, including the United States, if altruism and egalitarianism grew to their natural conclusions. ...Neo-Tech will prevent that from happening.

But, only those holding genuine power -- the value producers -- can cure the disease of altruism. The value producer can stop altruism cold by saying "no" to the sacrificial demands of mystics and neocheaters. Indeed, through Neo-Tech, all value producers can guiltlessly, decisively reject all mysticism, altruism, egalitarianism. When the value producer says "no" to the neocheaters, their mystical hoaxes will become powerless and then crumble. Never again can those neocheaters trick or coerce the value producer into supporting them.

The Neo-Tech concepts provide the tools to expunge all professional mystics and neocheaters from our planet forever.

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