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Mysticism and Destruction

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Neo-Tech Advantage #27

Religions and political systems contradict man's nature because they are based on mysticism and altruism. Those systems require the individual to contradict his or her nature through sacrifice. Under the spell of mysticism, one loses increasing portions of prosperity, life, love, and happiness to various imaginary "higher causes". And such losses are for no real reason except to support those neocheaters who survive by manipulating dishonest, destructive, mystical notions. ...Mysticism contradicts the nature and needs of conscious beings. For, mysticism undermines the capacity for integrated thinking. Thus, mysticism reduces competitiveness, self-esteem, and psychuous pleasures. ...Mysticism leads to incompetence and unhappiness.

The more an individual surrenders to mysticism, the more that person becomes incompetent and tries to escape reality. For such a person, life increasingly becomes a source of conflict and pain. To the extent that one accepts mysticism is the extent that a person withdraws from life and loses contact with the pleasures and happiness that life inherently holds. ...All forms of mysticism (from fascism, Marxism, and wars to astrology, occultism, and religion) arise from ignorance, fraud, deceit, and the need to destroy values.

Mysticism is perpetuated by neocheaters who must undermine honesty in order to usurp their livings and pseudo self-esteems through value destruction. Such people must disregard or undermine the "burden of proof" concept. For that concept is the protector of honesty. The "burden of proof" concept requires that whoever makes an assertion has the burden to supply objective proof before credibility is granted to that assertion. People who promote mysticism either ignore the "burden of proof" concept or subvert the concept by passing off non sequiturs or specious rationalizations as "proof". In any case, mysticism by nature is the opposite of honesty, rationality, objectivity, reality, and Neo-Tech.

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