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Techniques of Mysticism

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Neo-Tech Advantage #29

Books such as Fromm's "The Art of Loving" established the following technique that most of today's popular, mystical-based books use to gain credibility, public acceptance, and salability: Obviously valid facts and concepts are first presented to capture the interest and confidence of the reader [Re: Concept 36, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. Those valid concepts are then woven throughout the false, mystical notions to lend an air of validity to the whole work. Essentially all religious and altruistic doctrines depend on similar techniques of using out-of-context facts, non sequiturs, slogans, "truisms", and parables to "validate" their specious doctrines.

Cleverly manipulative writers such as Fromm and deceptively manipulative organizations or "modern" churches such as Ron Hubbard's Church of Scientology can be even more dangerous and harmful than the overt, old-time religion or the neurotic, televangelists' born-again approaches. Today, most individuals reject the more obviously vicious, hellfire-and-brimstone aspects of the Bible and "old-time" religion. Still, even the most commonly rejected, blatantly malevolent aspects of the Bible and religions continue to do their damage by infusing subconscious guilt into those trying to live by Judeo-Christian ethics.

Similarly, the news media constantly mislead their audiences by using out-of-context facts and non sequiturs to create stories that seem valid, but are not. In that way, the media mystically manufacture "news" that subtly or overtly attacks objective values and their producers.[ 5 ] Constant exposure to propaganda against objective values and heroic producers leaves people increasingly indifferent toward upholding honesty and justice. That mystical-based indifference produces lethargy and ennui not only toward objective values and heroic producers but toward life itself.

By manipulating subjective mysticism with dishonest reporting, much of today's neocheating media successfully obscure the value of productive individuals and their benevolent power. That constant obscuring of facts undermines everyone's view of great human achievements such as the automobile, supermarkets, and major technological advances. The persistent attacks against objective human values by politicians, theologians, social "intellectuals", and the media gradually diminish the strength, confidence, and happiness of the productive middle class, leaving them increasingly vulnerable for exploitation by the professional mystics and neocheaters.

Using the techniques of Fromm and the media, many current authors of social literature use rationalizations, specious cliches, non sequiturs, concrete-bound specifics taken out of context, and guilt-inducing half-truths to manipulate the middle-class producers into sacrificing their self-interests to an array of "higher" causes. [Table 13 in the Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia shows how such mystical-based books harm an individual's well-being and happiness. Table 14 compares techniques used by authors of destructive books to techniques used by authors of books that deliver objective values.]

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[ 5 ] Despite the dishonesty and hypocrisy widely practiced by much of the news media, no government controls or regulations should ever be placed against the press or the communication media. Moreover, any possible form of control or regulation against any communication (written, visual, or oral) should be permanently abolished.

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