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Carving One's Own Destiny

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Neo-Tech Advantage #3

While the past is gone forever, it offers valuable experience and reference points that can enhance one's present and future. But many people consume too much time living in the past. Those people often cripple their potential by living and thinking in terms of concrete, past experiences. Thus, they fail to grasp the broader concepts and principles necessary for productive growth into the future. People who live in the concrete past lose the ability to control their futures. Those who achieve long-range prosperity, happiness, and psychuous pleasures are well aware of the experiences and knowledge gained from their past. But, they live in the present while continuously building the integrations for growing into the future.

Rational value producers can view their personal futures with confidence in the knowledge that they have the power (through their own rational minds and efforts) to control their own destinies no matter what external variables impinge on them. With the exception of being trapped in an inescapable totalitarian slavery situation,[ 1 ] rational individuals can carve their own destinies while achieving great prosperity, romantic love, and happiness no matter what external forces surround them. Indeed, by removing mysticism, the rational mind can be more powerful than all those irrational minds that constantly work to diminish everyone's life [Re: Table 7, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia].

The rational mind can also vanquish the destructive effects of religion and the God concept. Likewise, with the rational mind one can spring free from the guilt pushers and freeloaders as well as from "friends" and relatives (including parents and nondependent children) who do not offer overall values to one's personal life.

The variables of nature (e.g., weather, tides, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods) can have chance impacts and short-range effects on a person's life. For most productive people, however, natural variables have little or no effect in their long-range lives. Other natural forces such as the faint celestial forces (minute gravitational and electromagnetic forces from planets and from stars beyond our sun) have no effect on anyone's life, except for the illusionary, psychologically damaging effects on those who allow their thinking or actions to be stunted or undermined by immature beliefs such as astrology. [Re: Concept 41 in the Neo-Tech Encyclopedia exposes mystical frauds such as astrology and UFOs. The Encyclopedia also reveals the harmful effects those frauds have on prosperity, romantic love, and long-range happiness.]

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[ 1 ] A no-hope, no-escape situation would occur only with total cont rol by master neocheaters. That situation would mean a Stalin/Pol Pot style, never-ending terror totalitarianism with no hope for change within one's lifetime or no place to escape to freedom. Under such conditions, life for the moral, productive individual would be intolerable, unbearable, and not worth living. The only viable option would be to maintain one's personal integrity and freedom by surviving without slavery through underground or guerrilla existences. [Re: Concept 22, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia].

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