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Tools of Destruction

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Neo-Tech Advantage #30

The God concept and all religions are products of mysticism. Mysticism is the opposite of honesty and reason. Mysticism underlies all volitionally destructive actions. Mysticism undermines the capacity for independent, integrated thinking and reasoning, which is the survival tool for all human beings. ...The mystical-oriented mind is the basis of the criminal-like mind, which is the exact opposite of the business-like mind.

For two-thousand years, the God concept has been the most effective tool of the professional mystics and neocheaters for usurping a material and psychological living from the value producers. The God concept is such an effective tool because it manipulates major thinking defaults into convenient well-organized packages of specious "truths". Professional value destroyers can with relative ease use various God-concept frauds to deceive or cajole innocent producers into sacrificing their earned values to them, the nonproducers. Most God-concept frauds promote the "virtues" of humility, altruism, egalitarianism, selflessness, "higher" causes, and sacrifice. Such specious "virtues" are designed to generate guilt for lowering the self-esteem of producers to the level of the nonproducer. Once burdened with false guilt, the producers will more readily hand over or sacrifice their earned values to the nonproducers.

Throughout history, the many God-concept variations have provided professional mystics and neocheaters with effective tools for extracting a living from the value producer.[ 6 ] For survival, value destroyers depend on the producer to sacrifice his or her created or earned values to them. They also extract values through government force and coercion. ...All professional mystics and neocheaters rely on the unearned guilt foisted on producers through various altruistic or God-concept hoaxes to extract material and psychological "livings" from value producers.

The God concept, religion, and mysticism are also the tools needed to establish totalitarian dictatorships, including both theistic and "atheistic" dictatorships.[ 7 ] Russia, for example, was the most religious, mystical country in Europe during the early 1900s. That heavy mysticism provided an ideal psychological setup for the acceptance of perhaps the most destructive and irrational, mystical-based political system in history -- Marxism/Leninism. Acceptance of an irrational, Kantian-based philosophy such as Marxism was needed to negate objective values and individual rights, to rationalize the enslavement of entire nations, to slaughter millions of productive human beings for a meaningless, mystical higher "authority" -- the state. ...Thus, the God-concept tools of altruism and mysticism are needed not only to establish the murderous religious regimes of an Ayatollah-led Iran but the murderous "atheistic" regimes of a dictator-led Soviet Union and Red China.

Stalin, Mao, and their neocheating colleagues used various altruistic, God-concept tools to justify slaughtering millions of innocent, middle-class producers in the name of a higher "good". And what is always the reason for such mass destruction and slaughter? Always for no other reason than to build personal false power and bogus jobs. No other reason ever exists.

In order to live, the value destroyer must usurp values created by the value producer. That dependence deprives the usurper of self-esteem, leaving him resentful and envious toward value producers. Such feelings of worthlessness, resentment, and envy can build until the usurper would subconsciously just as soon be dead. Out of such resentment and envy, that person would like to drag everyone else to the grave with him, especially the value producers. Indeed, that is what happens when totalitarian leaders assume power. Out of envy and hatred, they eventually destroy themselves and anyone else they can destroy.

Stalin, Hitler, and Mao, for example, were personally responsible for staggering property destruction while systematically slaughtering many millions of innocent, productive human beings. Castro, as another example, publicly stated that he, an ex-lawyer who had never produced or earned competitive values, would like to drop a nuclear bomb on New York City, destroying the greatest concentration of earned, man-made values on this planet. Such mass destruction would help prop his pseudo self-esteem by making him feel big and important. But, in fact, he has never been more than a destructive pip-squeak and mass murderer. ...All mass murderers throughout history required the tools of altruism and mysticism to rationalize their purposeful destruction of values and life.

In literature and in other forms of communication, dealing with the God concept falls into four categories [Re: Table 15, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. The first three categories involve the harmful promotion of the God concept and other mystical frauds. The fourth category involves the beneficial undermining of the God-concept and other mystical frauds. Neo-Tech falls into the fourth category in identifying the route to guiltless prosperity and happiness.

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[ 6 ] On a morality scale, most criminals rank several notches abov e such destructive neocheaters of the politician and theologian genre. The criminal does not attempt to establish himself as a morally righteous person or palm off his actions as morally good. Moreover, the criminal does not use altruism or the God concept to foist false guilt onto his victims after stealing or usurping his livelihood from them.

[ 7 ] No dictatorship is really atheistic. Various dictatorships only replace one mystical authority called God with another mystical authority called the State. Philosophically they are all equally mystical, destructive, and immoral.

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