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Astrology, UFOs, and Other Myths

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Neo-Tech Advantage #31

As with all forms of mysticism, acceptance of myths varying from astrology and UFOs to religion and the God concept cripples a person's thinking and integration processes. Indeed, crippled thinking and integration processes undermine a person's personal power, productive competence, financial well-being, psychuous pleasures, and long-range happiness.

Many popular myths depend on proclaimed "scientific" evidence to create illusions of credibility. Astrology devotees promote the "scientific" notion that the infinitesimally faint celestial forces that impinge on human beings affect and influence their minds, actions, behavior, and destiny. As "proof", for example, they state how the gravitational forces of the moon cause the oceanic tides. But facts and logic show that man alone controls his own destiny. And his mind can easily override all the forces of nature combined [Re: Table 7, Concept 22, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. Indeed, in a free society, the conscious mind is a much stronger controller of an individual's future than all the overt, direct forces of nature, government, and religion combined.

A person's own choices, not his environment, control his or her destiny. Except for natural catastrophe or brute-force totalitarianism, the forces of nature and social environment when pitted against the rational conscious mind have little or no influence over that individual's long-range future.

For a person to allow his future to be influenced by even the most direct and powerful forces of nature (such as the weather, the wind, the rain) would be to relegate the potency of his or her mind and actions to a low position indeed. But to assert, as astrologers do, that the faintest forces in nature (the celestial forces from outer space) can influence human beings and their minds is to relegate the human mind to a most inept position. To view the human mind as being that feeble or impotent, even though the view may be only subconscious or implicit, undermines a person's confidence and self-esteem. And, more serious is what happens to the confidence and self-esteem of those who let themselves be controlled or influenced by nonexistent forces, such as the God myth.

Many people erroneously believe that the governmental and religious forces surrounding them are more powerful than they. With the destruction that those forces have always inflicted on mankind, such an attitude is understandable, but invalid. Government and religious forces, while always exerting destructive influences, need not be the controlling forces on any individual's present or future. By using the mind and acting on reason, a person can usually avoid or minimize the effect of government and religion on his or her personal self in order to live independently, productively, and happily.

Direct forces of government, religion, or even nature (e.g., earthquakes, floods, tornadoes) can at times have devastating effects on any individual. The government can confiscate or plunder a person's property. The government can jail or kill innocent people. Religion can destroy a person's mind or happiness. The church will also torture and kill masses of innocent people whenever it holds direct political power (e.g., Dark Ages, Inquisitions, Jonestown, Ayatollah Iran, Witch Trials, crusades). But none of those potential or real forces basically control human lives or destiny. The human mind, along with the choices made through an individual's life, controls the life and future of a productive person (unless government or religious forces directly cripple or destroy that person).

* * *

Accepting "scientific" myths such as UFOs (unidentified flying objects from intelligent outer space) will diminish a person's self-esteem and reduce that person's capacity for psychuous pleasures and happiness. As with astrology (and with ESP, PK, and other forms of "scientific" mysticism[ 8 ]), the outer-space UFO advocate must first establish a scientific-sounding base to create an illusion of credibility. Such a basis for UFOs is accomplished by taking out of context the valid hypothesis that millions of Earth-like planets exist in outer space in which advanced civilizations of living beings have developed technology far beyond our own civilization [Re: F. R. Wallace, "We the Creators of All Heavens and Earths", I & O Publishing]. And many of those civilizations most certainly would be capable of communicating or even journeying across many light years to reach Earth. For conscious beings in such advanced civilizations would have achieved biological immortality long ago.

The above hypotheses are statistically valid and almost certainly factual. From statistical considerations, many millions or billions of Earth-like planets with intelligent civilizations do exist throughout the universe. Many of those civilizations existing far in advance of our own are certainly capable of contacting Earth. Yet, logic and statistics dictate that such civilizations would not contact Earth.

The main reason for believing that no outside civilization has ever contacted earth is that no one has found any hard evidence that even suggests intelligent beings from outer space have ever contacted Earth. All claims of evidence to date have been spurious, false, or scientifically unsound. If intelligent beings from outer space ever had contacted Earth, the evidence would have been immediately and spectacularly conclusive. For example, consider the highly advanced artifacts that would be left behind by any mystic-free civilization capable of developing the energy and technology required to contact Earth.

Indeed, many highly advanced civilizations throughout outer space certainly have the technological capacity to contact and travel to Earth. But the following logic indicates none would contact Earth: The technological advance of any civilization can be measured by the amount of energy harnessable by that civilization. Energy capacity is a direct measure of scientific knowledge and technological development. The energy requirements for outer space communication and travel are far beyond the total energy capacity available on earth at our present level of technology. Thus, a civilization capable of contacting earth would have to be advanced far beyond our civilization. That would mean that any such civilization would be well past the Nuclear-Decision Threshold [Re: Table 51, concept 116 of the Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. That threshold is the point that every advanced civilization must successfully pass through to survive. Our civilization is at that point today. The Nuclear-Decision Threshold is the point at which energy, knowledge, and technology have advanced to where sufficient, man-made energy (e.g., nuclear energy) can be generated to physically destroy all life on the planet. From that point, all civilizations must follow one of two courses:

(1) Proceed in an irrational, altruistic, Platonistic philosophical system in which initiatory force compels others to support mystical "higher" causes that feed the bogus livelihoods of neocheaters. Such systems will eventually lead either to all-out nuclear warfare[ 9 ] or to a retreat into an anti-technological Dark Ages in which most knowledge and technology are lost. In either case, most of the world's population will die and civilization will perish because of meaningless mysticism being manipulated to give false power and bogus livelihoods to the value destroyers.

(2) Proceed in (or change to) a rational, business-like, Aristotelian philosophical system in which initiatory force plays no role. Such a system allows civilization to safely advance beyond the Nuclear-Decision Threshold.

Thus, any civilization advancing significantly beyond that threshold would by nature exist within a rational Aristotelian/Neo-Tech society. That in turn would mean a free-market business society from which initiatory force is eradicated as uncompetitive, impotent, and immoral. In any such advanced society, all forms of mysticism would by nature have been discredited and discarded as stupid and destructive. Such a business-minded society would be free of politicians, theologians, neocheaters, coercive governments, and other usurpers and parasites. Actions would be based on reality-oriented logic exercised by free individuals harmoniously, competitively living in accord with their rational best interests.

In such an advanced society, no logical reason would exist and no apparent benefits could accrue by expending the excessive time and energy required to contact Earth or similar, outer-space civilizations. Such an undertaking would not be scientifically interesting or profitable for a civilization so far advanced in knowledge and technology.

In other words, as a civilization approaches a technological stage so advanced that other civilizations could be contacted, then the need, interest, and benefits to do so would cease. All such societies would by nature exist within Neo-Tech, rational, self-interest cultures. All individuals in such societies could fill all of their physical needs, psychological needs, and growth needs within a practical sphere of space (although capable of reaching any point farther into outer space). Moreover, such advanced civilizations would have access to the interstellar computer system most certainly present throughout the universe. Throughout that computer system, all important knowledge would be organized and available for exchange among all advanced, Neo-Tech civilizations -- perhaps through an oscillating, gravity-coded system.

In summary, probably thousands or millions of highly advanced civilizations exist in outer space that have the technological capacity to contact Earth. But being nonaltruistic, business-minded societies, they would have no logical motive or incentive to expend the time and energy to do so.[ 10 ]

For our own civilization to advance significantly beyond our current Nuclear-Decision Threshold would require a shift from the current Platonistic/altruistic philosophical base to a Aristotelian/Neo-Tech philosophical base [Re: Table 51 in Concept 116, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia].

Paradoxically, at our current level of civilization, we can gain considerable economic, technological, and scientific benefits from investigating outer space and exploring our solar system and beyond. And, on switching to a rational Neo-Tech society, our civilization will advance significantly beyond the Nuclear-Decision Threshold. Then our knowledge, technology, and well-being will advance so rapidly and far that when our energy capacity reaches the potential for contacting civilizations in far outer space, the logical reasons or incentives for such contact (economic, social, scientific) will fade. For, within a Neo-Tech society of self-ruling individuals, the potential of each individual can be fully realized. And that unrealized potential of conscious beings represents the total creative power available throughout the universe. On meeting that potential, nothing further out in space is required, especially after business-driven scientists learn to access the interstellar computer available throughout the universe.

The answer, therefore, to the outer-space UFO question reduces to:

  1. Probably many highly advanced civilizations exist throughout space that currently have the capacity to contact and even travel to Earth.
  2. No valid, scientific evidence has ever been found that suggests intelligent, outer-space communication or visitation has ever occurred on Earth.
  3. Logic indicates that advanced civilizations with the energy technology to contact Earth would not do so because there would be no economic, social, or scientific incentive to do so. For, once an advanced civilization has dug well-defined holes into space by exploring, understanding, and exploiting those areas, the need and incentive to dig more and more holes, deeper and deeper into space at greater and greater costs steadily diminish to zero.

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[ 8 ] Most forms of "scientific" mysticism reflect wishful desires to discover outside forces or "authorities" to take over the thinking tasks of the human mind. The mystic's wish is to be automatically and effortlessly guided to knowledge and through life by external forces. But no effortless guide exists. No outside force can take over and do what the mind and the individual must do for him or her self. Consider the president of the United States following the stupidity of astrology. Or consider the government of the U.S.S.R. directing funds for "research" efforts in ESP, psychokinesis, PK, and other pseudosciences: Indeed, through such mystical stupidities, the intellectual impotence of those governments and their leaders is revealed. In reality, such governments are goofy and their leaders are clowns. ...They are already being laughed out of existence through Neo-Tech competition.

[ 9 ] Ironically, the unilateral peace and disarmament movements are not only dishonest, mystical, and usually promoted by professional mystics and neocheaters, but they are the very forces that move the world toward nuclear annihilation. By contrast, a well-prepared, rational society can effectively protect itself against nuclear war as well as prosper into the future. For, a prime moral obligation is self-protection. Thus, the development of an effective SDI or "Star-Wars" defense system is the most rational, moral act any country could perform in protecting its citizens and their property. (Also, see Neo-Tech Advantage #110 for the profound right to self-defense.)

[ 10 ] Perhaps the only rational motive for an advanced civilization to communicate much beyond their immediate star system would be the pending death of their primary energy source -- their sun -- via an explosion-type burnout. Those beings would probably explore and colonize planets in nearby solar systems. The positions of stars in our own Milky-Way galaxy are constantly shifting relative to each other. Thus, our planet could at times become a "nearby" star system (e.g., less than a hundred light years) to a highly advanced civilization that must abandon its own solar system because of an impending solar explosion or other catastrophe. In such a case, our planet could become the object of exploration and even colonization from outer space. Statistically, however, such a combination of events would be extremely unlikely.

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