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Existentialism and its Influence

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Neo-Tech Advantage #32

A dominant form of mysticism and Platonistic philosophy in Western civilization is existentialism and its many disguised variations such as Gestaltism, transcendental meditation, Zen Buddhism. Existentialism is really nothing more than clever irrationalism and contradictions that heralds Kierkegaard's "individual responsibility" while negating genuine self-responsibility. Moreover, cloaked in pragmatic non sequiturs or good-sounding rationalizations, existentialism claims that reality does not exist. Thus, the meaning of existentialism is impossible to objectively define or understand. For existentialism is nothing. And nothing can be attached to nothing.

Expressed in countless ways, existentialism is the philosophical form projected by (1) most media commentators, (2) almost all politicians and theologians, (3) neocheating social "intellectuals", including many teachers, university professors, and (4) know-nothing personalities and entertainers acting as "authorities" on the basis of feeling rather than knowledge.

In the past several decades, those four groups of people have effectively spread existentialism among the nonproductive elements of society. More recently, those same groups are successfully pushing existentialism onto the working middle class. As a result, the productivity, self-esteem, and happiness among the productive middle class is diminishing as value producers increasingly swap their earned happiness and freedom for the existentialistic ideas of mysticism, egalitarianism, and altruism. Their ultimate negation of self-responsibility and self-control opens the way for increasing government control of their lives.[ 11 ]

Many people are drawn into the chameleon-like forms of existentialism through an assortment of highly publicized, illusionary benefits designed to indulge almost anyone's emotions to escape reality. Touted benefits include discovering "real truth", "peace of mind", "happiness", new "freedoms", "self-awareness", increased "sensitivity", "discovery" of one's true self, and a wide variety of health and nutritional "benefits". Other benefits touted by groups such as Scientologists include various mystical routes to "freedom" and "happiness" through self-awareness via clearing hang-ups or engrams [Re: Concept 39, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. But beneath all such jargon and claimed benefits, existentialism is nothing more than a wimpish irrationality that promotes stupidity. ...Indeed, existentialism promotes the negation of reality. [Re: Table 16, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia defines existentialism and identifies some of its manifestations being thrust onto the productive middle class by mystics, politicians, and other neocheaters.]

Existentialism and religion both grow from mysticism. And both lead to the oppression of the individual. Existentialism and religion both reflect fear of the independent individual and even greater fear of individual pride. Most mystics denounce pride as negative, bad, or sinful. But, individual pride is the result of moral virtue, which requires the rejection of the dishonesty inherent in mysticism.

Pride is the reflection of self-worth, which requires the rejection of mysticism. And that rejection of mysticism through the reflection of self-worth is what all mystics, existentialists, and neocheaters fear and attack. For, if all value producers recognized their genuine self-worth and felt their earned pride, they would reject mysticism to end the hoax of all neocheaters.

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[ 11 ] Government control always means the control of individuals by force. Communism, fascism, socialism, and democracy are political systems that survive by force. Democracy, however, is generally less destructive or less malevolent than the other three systems of oppression. All four political systems operate on the same neocheating concepts of external "authority" and unearned power backed by "legalized" force. Moreover, all four systems require Platonistic, existentialist philosophies for the value destroyers to usurp bogus livings from the value producers.

Contrary to popular myth, democracy is rooted neither in justice nor in the protection of individual rights, but is rooted in the uncompetitive principle of "authorities" with power to force the deemed "will" of the majority onto specific individuals. (The United States was not founded as a democracy, but as a republic based on constitutional law forged between democratic myths and free-choice, competitive-market principles. Today, most of the remaining nonforce, free-choice, competitive elements of freedom in the United States are being replaced with uncompetitive fascist or socialistic elements of force.) A business-like, free-choice, competitive system is the only political system based on logic, justice, growth, and earned values rather than on feelings, force, stagnation, and usurpation of values. Of all political systems, only the nonforce, free-choice competitive system rejects the concept of uncompetitive "authority" system of force, threat of force, and fraud. And only competitive, free markets fully recognize the sovereignty of the individual and the right to his or her own body, life, and earned property. ...All professional mystics and value-destroying neocheaters hate and fear free-choice competition. Why? Because free-choice competition would drive them from their dishonest careers and bogus livelihoods.

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