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Value of Emotions

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Emotions and feelings are among a person's most valuable assets. All pleasure and happiness are experienced through emotions. And the final moral purpose of all human life is rational happiness. Moreover, negative emotions are reliable warning signals that a person is acting mystically or contrary to one's nature, well-being, and happiness.

Emotions deliver the ultimate human rewards and penalties. Such emotions depend on the life a person chooses to create and live. A person's emotional content will be either happy or unhappy, depending on the extent which that person has rejected or accepted mysticism. Rejecting mysticism means accepting sole responsibility for understanding and dealing honestly with reality. A person must reject mysticism to effectively perceive and integrate reality -- to effectively solve problems of growth and develop the competence needed to earn prosperity, power, and love. That, in turn, delivers the self-esteem and emotional content needed to experience abiding well-being, psychuous pleasures, and romantic love. ...Everyone controls his or her wide-range emotions (i.e., being fundamentally happy or unhappy) through one's constant, volitional choice to be honest or dishonest -- to act through business-like thinking or through mystical thinking.

Human pleasures and happiness are experienced by sensory and emotional means. To fully experience pleasure and happiness, a person must develop an integrated awareness of emotions along with a mystic-free, guiltless acceptance of those emotions. But first, a person must solidly establish the psychological, philosophical, and productivity positions to provide the self-esteem necessary for romantic love and psychuous pleasures. Then that person must reject mystical guilt to fully experience his or her earned emotions of happiness, pleasure, love.

Happiness, pleasure, and love can be experienced only through emotions. To the extent that a person represses emotions[ 13 ] is the extent that the person denies that part of reality needed to experience earned pleasures and happiness -- which is the moral purpose of human life.

The human organism must experience emotions in order to psychologically live. If a person continually diminishes self-awareness or represses emotions, that person will steadily lessen his or her capacity to feel emotions. To compensate for that deadening of feelings (thus a deadening of life), that person must take increasingly stronger measures to feel something until the only feeling left to feel is pain. But that person must feel something, so he or she strives to feel pain. And the easiest, quickest route to feel pain is through destructive actions rationalized through mysticism.

Also, as a person diminishes his or her awareness and integration capacities, the initiation of longer range, positive actions becomes increasingly difficult. At the same time, that person increasingly succumbs to mysticism in selecting more and more destructive actions in order to feel something. Destructive actions taken to feel something include manipulating others, initiating force (political or criminal) to control or plunder others, using drugs or alcohol, promiscuity, injurious masochism or sadism, vandalism, thrill killings, mass murder, waging war, genocide.

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[ 13 ] Repression of emotions is the attempt to deny emotions. S uch repression is harmful and entirely different from the suppression of emotions, which can be a valuable, necessary process. Suppression of emotions is an act of discipline in consciously putting aside emotions to experience them later at a more appropriate time or in a more controlled manner. In suppressing an emotion, one is not denying the emotion and remains fully aware of it. Suppression is an important tool for preventing destructive, mystical reactions in oneself.

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