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Dogma and Rules Eliminated

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Neo-Tech Advantage #4

All Neo-Tech/Psychuous Concepts develop from the three basic elements of human nature -- the physical, intellectual, and psychological nature of man and woman [Re: Concept 7, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. All individuals are uniquely different with widely variable tastes, desires, personalities, characteristics, and needs. Neo-Tech offers no fixed rules or dogma for any individual to follow.

Neo-Tech deals with principles and concepts. Anyone can choose to use any number of the 114 Neo-Tech/Psychuous Concepts. Since each of the 114 Concepts developed by Neo-Tech are linked to the basic nature of man and woman, the application of any single concept will deliver certain specific values. The application of each additional concept will deliver additional values. The more Neo-Tech/Psychuous concepts the reader uses, the greater will be his or her prosperity and happiness. To fully utilize any concept, however, an individual must first integrate that concept through one's own mind according to his or her own unique character and values. ...But the unbeatable power of Neo-Tech comes from grasping, integrating, and then using all 114 Advantages as one mighty, unbreakable unit or matrix.

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