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Fear of Rejection; Risk Taking

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Neo-Tech Advantage #40

Fear of being hurt or rejected prevents the development of many romantic-love relationships. That fear keeps a person defensive which, in turn, prevents emotional openness with his or her partner. And that openness is necessary for developing romantic love and psychuous pleasures.

The achievement of romantic love involves a willingness to take risks. Moreover, the fear of being hurt by being open is unfounded. To the contrary, a person is always hurt by faking or concealing emotions from one's self or a loved one. Denial of feelings traps a person into emotionally repressive situations that diminish the potential for love and happiness. Being emotionally honest and open is the safest, happiest way to live. ...Being emotionally open, however, does not mean gratuitously projecting emotions onto others or blaming one's emotional or personal problems on others. ...Blaming others for one's personal or emotional problems is an irrational, unfair, and mystical act that keeps a person from solving his or her own problems.

Consistently acting on rational premises and being loyal to honesty builds confidence in a person's own rectitude and worth. Rationality and honesty, in turn, help remove the fear that prevents people from venturing into new growth areas, including romantic love. Rationality, fairness, and honesty act as powerful protectors when venturing into unexplored areas, ranging from business to love relationships.

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