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Casual vs. Serious Sex

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Neo-Tech Advantage #42

Psychuous sex is always linked to an exchange of rational values between partners. A continuous exchange of values that enhances personal worth and psychological visibility is the basis of psychuous pleasures and romantic-love. But, sex without serious values (i.e., casual sex) cannot deliver psychuous pleasures and is eventually self-destructive.

The difference between serious and casual sex is not always obvious on the surface. But the difference always appears at the base of every relationship. While the actual sexual activity of serious sex can and often does have interludes of lightness and fun, the meaning behind every act is serious and important. But sex on a nonserious, unimportant, or casual basis done only for "fun" is a diminishing experience that erodes self-esteem and sexual competence. On the other hand, a serious sexual affair will always produce growth and values so long as the relationship is based on mutual values, honesty, and respect. In a value-based sexual relationship, psychuous pleasures are linked to a mutual reflection of each partner's personal values and worth.

Unlike casual sexual relationships, serious relationships have no bounds or limits to personal values that can be exchanged. The value of a serious romantic relationship can grow so great that a person would give, if necessary, all of one's possessions, even one's own life, to protect his or her romantic-love partner.

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