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Neo-Tech Advantage #44

Casual, nonintimate, or fun-only sex does not always start from a neurotic base. Casual sex may begin as an immature sexual view during adolescence. Or casual sex may begin as a notion to experiment with "new" sex in order to broaden one's sexual experiences or to diminish sexual inhibitions and taboos. Indeed, casual sex, swinging sex, orgy sex may accomplish those ends. But, the eventual cost of casual sex, fun-only, or exploitive sex to one's self-esteem is high. One experiences such sex only with grave consequences to his or her self-esteem, sexuality, and happiness. By contrast, one experiences a limitless broadening of erotic sexual experiences with enhanced self-esteem through the Neo-Tech/Psychuous concepts.

Human beings are always capable of correcting errors. The harm caused by past, casual-sexual experiences can be reversed by restructuring sexual standards around the consistent, value-oriented foundation of Psychuous Sex.

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