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Achieving Psychuous Pleasures

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Neo-Tech Advantage #45

By defaulting on the basic human responsibility of achieving personal happiness and psychuous pleasures, a person lets his or her future turn downward toward death. Through that default, life and time slip away, increasingly unrewarded and unfulfilled. By that default, the exciting potential for life (which everyone senses at least some time during his or her life...usually in early childhood) will fade, never to be experienced again -- unless revived by Neo-Tech.

Such defaults are unnecessary, contrary to human nature, and rooted in the mysticism continually promoted by neocheaters. By contrast, the experiencing of an exciting, value-generating life and the achievement of prosperity, power, and psychuous pleasures are accomplished through self-responsibility -- through a loyalty to rational efforts and honesty [Re: Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia].

A value-oriented, romantic relationship offers limitless pleasures ranging from joy and spontaneous fun[ 16 ] to erotic thrills, adventure, psychuous pleasures, and profound happiness. Equally important, such romantic relationships can greatly enhance each partner's productivity, values, and prosperity.

Psychuous pleasures can always grow, even during crisis or turmoil. Psychuous sex lets a person physically confirm the value of his or her life, especially during difficult or crisis periods. Psychuous sex allows a person to be acutely aware of his or her worth, pleasures, and happiness. But psychuous pleasures go far beyond sexual intercourse. In fact, sexual intercourse itself plays only a small (but crucial) role in psychuous pleasure, which is integrated with all aspects of conscious life.

Romantic love and psychuous pleasures add so much to human happiness that to settle for something as unchallenging and limited as casual, fun-only sex is to treat one's self poorly indeed. Limiting the potential for pleasure to such a narrow, shallow range of experiences undermines a person's entire life.

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[ 16 ] Joyful, childlike spontaneous fun is entirely different th an the contrived, boring, mechanical "fun" of fun-only sexual relationships.

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