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Ending a Relationship

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Neo-Tech Advantage #46

A serious romantic relationship can last and grow forever. But if growth stops and cannot be revived, the relationship should end before the growth potential of either partner diminishes. If a good relationship does end, however, each partner can and should retain the values and benefits of all past growth.

Voluntary termination of a psychuous relationship requires a carefully considered, mutually reasoned decision to avoid the tragic mistake of terminating a good relationship unnecessarily. A decision to terminate should include a thoughtful plan to avoid harm to either partner while preserving the growth and values already achieved.

Involuntary termination of a good relationship through death is final. Still, the living partner must continue growing. Involuntary termination of a good relationship can also be initiated through errors of one or both partners. Each partner must fight to save a good relationship from being destroyed by errors. Each must identify those errors and reject destructive mysticism that always seeks to destroy values by creating problems where none exist.

When ending a previously good relationship, no matter how much pain or hurt is involved, great efforts should be made to leave one's partner in a positive, uplifted condition. Such efforts deliver long-term benefits to both partners. Such efforts preserve past growth and values. Such efforts leave both in freer, guiltless positions from which to seek a new relationship and happiness.

But terminating a hopelessly destructive relationship is quite different. Just frankly stating the necessity to end the relationship and then walking away from it completely and forever is often the healthiest, most honest, and least painful method for everyone. A complete and decisive physical and emotional break leaves both partners freer to reestablish separate lives more quickly for new growth and renewed happiness.

Whenever love dies, reasons always exist. But the reasons are not always obvious. A person can better prepare for a future relationship by identifying the reasons for failure through high-effort, honest introspection.

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