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Poison Core of Jealousy

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Neo-Tech Advantage #50

BT jealousy will eventually destroy even the deepest love relationships. Jealousy gradually poisons the friendship aspects of love. Once that friendship is gone, no link remains to hold together the nonsexual aspects of the relationship.

Within the person projecting bad-thought jealousy, a bitter core of poisonous emotions develops (although often initially hidden). That core increasingly releases bad feelings toward the victim partner which, in turn, unfairly diminishes the victim's freedom and happiness. Recognizing the presence of that poison core is the first step in keeping BT jealousy from destroying a relationship. But once that core is formed, freeing oneself from its destructive effects is difficult.

The problem of BT jealousy cannot be wished away. For the poison core usually develops from mystical defaults deep within the jealous partner's subconscious [Re: Table 27, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. Unless identified and removed, that poison core will dissolve the pleasure, happiness, and love in any romantic relationship.

Such a poison core generates hostile actions that are often subtle and unrecognized at first. But that jealous partner increasingly takes unjust advantage of the victim partner's innocence, values, love, and goodwill. Such injustice constantly wounds the victim partner and will eventually destroy all love and friendship. Unlike the nonjealous lover who usually experiences pain whenever his loved one is in pain, the BT jealous lover will often gain a satisfying sense of security on being able to inflict pain on the victim partner. That malevolence of BT jealousy eventually negates any value of the relationship.

A person should avoid listening to false accusations or unjust innuendos leveled against oneself or others by a jealous, envious, or gossipy person. Even though the conscious mind can reject known false charges, such accusations still enter nonanalytical pockets of the subconscious mind. That, in turn, causes subsequent emotions to automatically reflect negative feelings toward oneself or the person being falsely accused. A person is helpless in avoiding those unjust, harmful, subconscious reactions. Likewise, a person is essentially powerless to avoid the guilt or bad feelings resulting from false implications coming from a BT jealous partner. As long as that relationship continues, the jealous partner can increasingly inflict psychic damage within the victim's subconscious. The victim partner suffers damage proportional to his or her exposure to the poison core of a BT jealous partner. Usually the only release from that damage is for the victim partner to terminate that harmful relationship.

By contrast, a mystic-free Neo-Tech partner will ask: "Do not judge me on your feelings, wishes, imagination, or what others say. Judge me by what you know about my character, deeds, and actions. And I will always grant you the same."

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