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Seduction: Casual, Serious, Mutual

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Neo-Tech Advantage #54

The first known sex manual was written about 2 B.C. by a Roman named Ovid. His manual stressed seduction techniques for casual sex. In addition, the manual aggressively promoted the Don Juan and "Playboy" fun views of sex while teaching various role-playing games and manipulative techniques for the seduction of women.

The Don Juan and "Playboy" approaches to sex use hypnosis,[ 23 ] manipulations of sex partners, and pragmatic dishonesty of professing "sincerity", "seriousness", and "love" when strategically advantageous for conquest. But most modern-day Don Juans can only feign lust while actually being terrified of their own sexual inadequacies. In fact, most macho Don Juans have never experienced psychological orgasms and remain psychosexual virgins all their lives -- they never develop a capacity for delivering or receiving psychuous pleasures. More simply, macho men are males who have never sexually matured or grown up. [Re: concept 45, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]

Behind every sexual relationship is either a healthy or an unhealthy motive, although often hidden or subconscious. A person should become aware of one's own as well as his or her partner's motive for a sexual relationship. Hiding unhealthy or neurotic motives for a sexual relationship is eventually harmful to both partners.

Negative, after-reaction emotions are natural warning signals from the human nervous system. If a person does something that is "not good for me" physically or psychologically, the nervous system will let that person know with hangover reactions of pain, anxiety, or discomfort. After-the-fact feelings transmitted from the nervous system always signal if past actions were objectively "good for me" or "bad for me".

No matter how irrational or immoral if enacted in reality, fantasies are never immoral, wrong, or harmful when experienced or expressed without external action. For, fantasies are never harmful as long as they remain in the non-action, fantasy stage.

Seductiveness (in the traditional, casual-sex sense) and sensuousness are two different qualities. Traditional seductiveness involves sly trickery to accomplish an end (e.g., sexual seduction) -- often for neurotic macho-like purposes (e.g., to bolster a weak self-esteem).

Sensuousness, on the other hand, involves openness and self-expression free of guilt.[ 24 ] Sensuousness is a healthy trait, while seductiveness is generally an unhealthy trait. Sensuousness for enhancing personal appeal arises from rational efforts that enhances self-esteem and long-range happiness. Seductiveness for manipulating sex partners arises from irrational laziness that undercuts self-esteem and long-range happiness.

But, seduction techniques for serious sex can be honest and beneficial. Those techniques are more accurately described as "sensuous projections" and differ from casual seduction techniques that depend on deceit. Sensuous projections are done through both verbal and body communication. The presentation of a person's body and words can be sexually attractive if projected with calculated thought. Those techniques are nonmanipulative and can be mastered through understanding the nature of psychuous sex. Men and women using the Neo-Tech/Psychuous concepts can quickly achieve effective sensuous-projection techniques. The techniques involve integrating clothes, cosmetics, hair with one's body, face, voice, expressions -- all combined to project sexual attractiveness. Once acquired, those advantage-gaining techniques are available for life.

A basic right, indeed a self-duty, of every human being is to be sexually attractive. Natural attractiveness is a given that has no moral virtue. But self-made, sexual attractiveness is an admirable, moral virtue that requires continuous thought and effort. Keeping one's self sexually attractive throughout life is a highly rational act of self-responsibility that delivers increased power, prosperity, and romantic love. ...Contrary to the cancer seeds planted by mystics and neocheaters, self-made sexiness does not reflect any lack of values or promiscuity. But, to the contrary, self-made sexiness reflects a respect for values and self.

The primary attraction between two people moving toward rational, romantic-love relationships is their character traits, not their personality traits. Likewise, character development is the chief element in successful romantic-love relationships. And a romantic relationship based on psychuous sex usually develops into a mutual seduction process. During that process both partners project mounting sensuous, sexual attractiveness between them. Non-manipulative seductions are innocent projections of sexual attractiveness combined with trust, honesty, and care. That kind of seduction helps both partners plumb rich, personal depths with each other -- physically and emotionally.

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[ 23 ] Rapid hypnosis and self-hypnosis techniques can be easily mastered (e.g., see Bibliography Summary Table B-2 in Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia for D. Elman's book, "Exploration in Hypnosis", Nash Publishing. Note: Amateur hypnosis can do psychological damage and is not recommended in any form). Indirect, subtle forms of hypnosis are the most important tools in a Don Juan's seduction repertoire. Ironically, a subconscious form of negative-feedback self-hypnosis is the primary mechanism that leads to impotence and frigidity not only for Don Juans, but for almost everyone who dishonestly manipulates sex partners.

[ 24 ] Self-expression is reflected in a person's body movements. The combined effects of guiltless relaxation and awareness of bodily pleasures allow the muscular motions to function in a free-movement, animal-like the graceful, pleasurable way the human body is meant to move (such as in the gracefully sensuous movements of cats through their free, guiltless nature). A human being is a beautifully graceful animal when the total muscle system is functioning in a guiltlessly relaxed, free-flowing state. That state is reached by using Neo-Tech to expunge the unnecessary guilt, tensions, and problems laid on everyone for 2000 years by the professional mystics and neocheaters.

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