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Physical Beauty/Sexual Roles

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Neo-Tech Advantage #55

Because of their greater ease in initially attracting sexual partners, individuals with great natural, physical beauty must be cautious of the tempting traps inherent in easily obtainable sexual love:

A few people, because of their stunning natural beauty, are not directly subjected to nature's vigorous sexual competition. To achieve love, sexual pleasures, and happiness, most people recognize early in life that they must become competitively attractive through high-effort development of character and competence. In adulthood, those who grew up accepting the challenge to self-develop can easily outcompete those naturally beautiful people who earlier in life never experienced those pressures to develop. As a result, many people with great natural beauty sadly grow old remaining undeveloped, immature, incompetent, unable to love or be loved.

Achieving psychuous pleasures and romantic love requires the same discipline, thought, and effort for every individual, regardless of innate physical appearances. Likewise, a person must be cautious of involvement with people of exceptional, natural beauty whose personal lives reflect low-effort, low-productivity. Such individuals often let their natural beauty substitute for the long-term effort required to develop characters of competence, self-esteem, and sensuosity required for romantic-love.[ 25 ] Thus, underdeveloped, beautiful people are often airheads -- often boring, value-draining people who are poor lovers with low self-esteems.

Naturally beautiful people can easily develop "lady-killer" or "man-killer" syndromes in their relationships. Being a seductive "killer" can temporarily boost a weak ego by feeling a power to destroy values and hurt others. But that syndrome leads the perpetrator into life-wasting, destructive relationships. Indeed, a person who mistreats or manipulates his or her love partner usually suffers much more in the long run than the abused partner. For that abused partner will have new chances for love and happiness. But the chronic manipulator loses his or her capacity for love and is left with a future of increasing unhappiness, sexual incompetence, romantic failures, and ultimate loneliness.

Conscious Loss of Potency

Anxieties caused by pressures from "expected" sexual performances cause impotence and frigidity. Impotence also occurs through put-down statements or actions from a partner. Such statements or actions occur either willfully and maliciously or through error and ignorance. But the effects of such damage are often limited to that particular relationship. Thus, once the problem is identified, the victim can promptly abandon that destructive relationship. Decisively rejecting a "castrating" or "frigidizing" partner usually restores full sexual capacity.

Subconscious Loss of Potency

A less obvious, more dangerous pressure subconsciously corrupts the mind. That pressure comes from listening to false or undercutting statements about the sexual performance of one's own self or others. Such statements, no matter how false, involuntarily lodge in the subconscious mind. That happens even when the conscious mind rejects such statements as false [Re: Concept 77, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. By that mechanism, a subconscious undermining of a person's sexual potency or character can occur in one of two ways: (1) by innuendo and other indirect forms of communication, or (2) by sexual or character put-down humor. Even if the conscious mind rejects such put downs, the choice to grant credibility by voluntarily listening lets the subconscious mind accept such specious, harmful information as valid.

The nonanalytical, subconscious mind does not evaluate assertions. The subconscious mind does not distinguish honest from dishonest information or serious from humorous situations. Thus, on entering the subconscious, the false information gradually works its undermining damage on the mind and nervous system. For that reason, a person should never propagate or even listen to unjust put downs, attacks, jokes, or gossip concerning the character or sexuality about oneself or anyone else. ...Such is the ear and mouth responsibility of everyone.

A person, however, should always be open and receptive to constructive, factually valid criticism about oneself or others.

Impotence and frigidity also develop when a man tries to oppress a woman, or vice versa. A person's willingness to accept such oppression blocks the possibility for psychuous pleasures. Such mutual acquiescence to oppression leads to impotence and frigidity in both partners.[ 26 ] By contrast, a man's psychosexual dominance and a woman's act of sexual surrender harmonize with the physical and psychological nature of human beings [Re: Concept 47, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. That psychological dominant/surrender interaction permits both partners to achieve the guiltless freedom and emotional closeness necessary for psychuous pleasures.

On the physical level or even on the fantasy level, the dominant/surrender sexual roles can and should be reversed between the man and woman whenever desired. But on a psychological level, those sexual roles cannot be reversed.

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[ 25 ] Often displaying similar development problems are homosexu als. For, they can easily acquire promiscuous, low-effort sexual affairs without subjecting themselves to the pressures of heterosexual competition. Indeed, heterosexual competitive environments exert healthy pressures needed for developing strong, mature, responsible adults.

[ 26 ] Chronic mistreatment of a partner almost always involves the tacit willingness of the abused partner. The willingness to mistreat or be mistreated is so profoundly unnatural that psychuous pleasures are impossible in any relationship allowing such mistreatment.

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