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Psychuous Pleasures

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Neo-Tech Advantage #56

[see pages iv-v for definition of Psychuous Pleasures]

Psychuous pleasures and all other beneficial pleasures naturally and forever integrate with a person's physical or psychological life -- or both. By contrast, mystical pleasures and all other destructive pleasures unnaturally and always disintegrate a person's physical or psychological life -- or both.

Essentially all growth in government power diminishes psychuous pleasures in everyone by continually undermining and violating individual rights. For, only through exercising individual rights can people achieve psychuous pleasures. And they exercise those rights through their own efforts, free from mystics, external "authorities", and neocheaters. Indeed, individual or property rights[ 27 ] are necessary for a person to live as human beings are designed to live -- to live according to one's biological nature. Still, those rights have been systematically violated to varying degrees by all governments and religions throughout history.

Today, for the first time in history, Neo-Tech/Psychuous concepts are available to the public. Neo-Tech forever breaks the stranglehold of guilt and sacrifice foisted on the value producers by political and religious value destroyers. Today, Neo-Tech breaks that stranglehold to free all productive individuals. Neo-Tech allows those value producers to discover prosperity, psychuous pleasures, and abiding happiness that belong to them. Neo-Tech releases them from the neocheaters who have always lived off the efforts and earnings of others. If value producers use Neo-Tech to reject the guilt foisted on them by the professional mystic and neocheater, they will free themselves not only for psychuous pleasures but for financial prosperity, abiding happiness, and biological immortality [Re: Concepts 145, 146, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia].

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[ 27 ] Individual rights and property rights are the same and ins eparable. Private property is a natural extension of every human being. And that extension is essential for a person to effectively produce values for others in order to achieve prosperity and happiness. Without property rights, individual rights have no meaning. With property rights fully protected, individual rights are fully protected. ..."Human rights", by contrast, is a fake term conjured up by neocheaters to violate individual rights. "Human rights" is a meaningless concept. Only individual rights can exist or be violated.

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