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Neo-Tech Advantage #58

Achieving and maintaining good physical fitness and appearance are necessary for developing psychuous pleasures and long-range happiness. On the other hand, physical appearances not within one's control are unimportant for achieving psychuous pleasures and happiness. The difference, for example, is between being sloppy and ugly. The natural, physically ugly person can choose to develop beauty through character development and sensuous efforts. He or she can then experience the full range of psychuous pleasures and happiness. But careless or sloppy people can never fully experience psychuous pleasures and happiness as long as they choose to remain careless and lazy about self and life. For by not caring about self and life, they obliterate their self-esteem and desirability, while cutting themselves off from love and happiness. ...How can anyone ultimately care about those who do not care about themselves?

Consider people who let themselves grow fat.[ 28 ] Such people have chosen to travel on a death curve [Re: Table 32, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. Traveling that route, a person's unhappiness and probability of death increases with increasing fatness. In turn, that route devastates a person's self-esteem and happiness.

Certain natural body functions are inconvenient, painful, unpleasant. For example, menstruation and child birth labor are not convenient or pleasant body functions, even though they are completely natural. Such inconvenient or painful body functions should be diminished by any practical, safe means. For example, safe and painless child birth methods are now available. And new menses techniques can conveniently eliminate most of the unpleasant effects of monthly menstruation. [Re: Our Bodies, Ourselves, the Boston Women's Health Book Collective, Simon & Schuster]

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[ 28 ] Many fat people have self-inflicted metabolic problems tha t make permanent weight reduction difficult (even with near-starvation, carbohydrate diets). To effectively lose weight, such people must permanently restrict carbohydrates from their diets via high protein diets (as outlined in Dr. Atkins' book, Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution, McKay). But those high-protein diets are safe only for aerobically fit people as identified in the two footnotes on page 132. [Re: Concept 91, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]

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