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Physical Fitness, Diet, Addictions

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Neo-Tech Advantage #59

People who let themselves physically deteriorate or grow obese lose the capacity for psychuous pleasures from both physical and psychological capacities.

Nearly anyone at any age in any physical condition can achieve optimum physical fitness by gradually increasing physical stress with an aerobic-type program totaling less than two hours per week of running, swimming, bicycling, or brisk walking as described in Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper's book, Aerobics.[ 29 ] Permanent, optimum body weight can be achieved through low-carbohydrate diet as described in Dr. Robert C. Atkins' book, Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution[ 30 ]. Both books taken together are major contributions to human health and well-being that deliver attractiveness, vigor, and happiness.

A physically fit body is needed to enjoy the full range of psychuous pleasures. The easiest, most efficient way to get and stay in optimum physical condition is to accumulate 30 aerobic points per week according to Dr. Cooper's conditioning system and to eat less than 40 grams of carbohydrate per day according to Dr. Atkins' diet system. (Both books should be read and understood before embarking on the combined aerobic-fitness/low-carbohydrate diet.) A trim, fit body adds a major increment of pleasure to nearly every facet of living, especially to work, romance, and sex.

Addictions to sugar, drugs, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine not only undercut physical fitness, personal appearance, personality, and health, but will steadily diminish a person's self-control, self-esteem, and happiness. Such addictions are rampantly common, yet widely unadmitted. Addictions and compulsions also undermine honesty because they constantly require dishonest rationalizations. That dishonesty, in turn, reduces self-esteem, competence, productivity, and psychuous pleasures. ...The Neo-Tech/Psychuous concepts provide a powerful philosophical/psychological base for eliminating all mysticisms that promote addictions and compulsions.

Contrary to popular opinion, no natural conflict exists between the mind and body (or between the intellect and emotions). By nature, the mind and body are designed to work in beneficial harmony with each other -- and they do when each is used according to its biological nature.[ 31 ] When the mind and body are not used according to their biological natures, then conflict, pain, and damage result.

An individual has much more voluntary control over his or her physical and mental health than most people realize. Over the long range, a person has almost total control over his or her emotional and physical well-being. By choosing to consistently use the mind rationally in becoming an honest, productive, independent human being,[ 32 ] a person can control his or her own psychological and physical well-being. Every individual always has the choice to rationally solve problems or to default on that responsibility. Those who chronically default on that self-responsibility have no way to earn prosperity, self-esteem, psychuous pleasures, romantic love, or abiding happiness.

Some knowledge has been developed toward understanding the psychosomatic links between the mind, body, and various ailments. The mind-body links are probably much more significant than currently realized. With advancing medical knowledge about controlling body functions and combining the nervous system with Neo-Tech, people may someday vanquish even cancer and heart disease through the long-range, controlled use of their minds and bodies.[ 33 ] But, little valid information has been published concerning the mind and a person's potential to control one's well-being. Specific Neothink books on this subject yet to be published include the definitive diet book titled, "The CAS Happiness Diet". That diet eliminates the three most widely used drugs that undermine human life, health, and happiness -- Caffeine, Alcohol, Sugar.

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[ 29 ] The best reference for physical fitness through an aerobic s program is Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper's original book, Aerobics, Bantam Books. Dr. Cooper is the originator and developer of the aerobic, physical-fitness system [Re: Book Analysis 2, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia].

[ 30 ] The best reference for weight control through a low carbohydrate diet is Dr. Robert C. Atkins' book, Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution, David McKay Company. [Re: Book Analysis 27, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. Despite the distorted attacks on Dr. Atkins' diet by many "nutritionists" and some in the medical profession and the A.M.A., Dr. Atkins has developed the most scientifically sound dietary information offered to date. Dr. Atkins' contribution to human well being can significantly extend and improve the lives of those who choose to be both physically and aerobically fit. His dietary approach is tailored to the natural carnivorous physiology of human beings. In addition to reaching and maintaining optimum body weight, the low carbohydrate diet can reduce or eliminate the most common forms of chronic fatigue (hypoglycemia or low blood sugar). Dr. Atkins' diet, therefore, can increase a person's capacity for psychuous pleasures and life itself. But because of the high-cholesterol content, Dr. Atkins' diet is recommended only for those becoming and remaining aerobically fit. ...Any high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet cannot be safely separated from aerobic fitness.

[ 31 ] Objective human standards must be based on the biological natures of men and women functioning as the human organism is designed to function. By integrating logic with the nature of existence, then the biological function of the mind becomes obvious: to identify and integrate reality so human beings can become self-sufficient and independent (materially, intellectually, psychologically, emotionally). Fulfilling integrated biological needs is necessary to experience the self-worth and competence needed to achieve increasing prosperity, psychuous pleasures, and abiding happiness.

[ 32 ] Human beings genuinely prosper only through the rational use of their minds. By dealing logically with reality through integrated thinking, they achieve self-sufficiency and independence by producing values for others.

[ 33 ] The consistent rational use of the mind through mystic-free integrated thinking to control the long-range development of one's life is the opposite of the mystics' specious shortcut notions of "mind over matter" or their unintegrated wishful thinking of (1) the mind willing "reality" or (2) others showing them the "truth".

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