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Three Segments of Romantic Love

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Neo-Tech Advantage #64

A romantic-love relationship has three segments:

  1. Fundamental Basis
  2. Man-Woman Relationship
  3. Future Potential

Those three segments are identified below:


Fundamental Basis

The Fundamental Basis is the starting point of all relationships. That starting point is the similarity of both partners' views of life and their underlying philosophical premises. Without that base of philosophical harmony, no solid ground for mutual development of a value-oriented, romantic-love relationship would exist.

Forming and building a fundamental base is not a process of creating, but one of discovering mutual values, ideas, and thoughts already held. This segment of romantic love is usually the fastest, easiest aspect of the relationship to identify and establish. But discovering the infinite depth and full nature of one's partner is an exciting, life-long, unfolding process. Most of the fundamental, philosophical links between two people can usually be recognized early in the relationship. Unfortunately, one's fundamental basis is relatively easy to fake. Faking one's fundamental self to attract a love partner, however, is a disastrous error that will eventually be paid for in lost love, lost time, reduced self-esteem, diminished happiness, and a dimmed future, especially for the one doing the faking.


Man-Woman Relationship

In order to establish a growing, long-range relationship, each partner must understand the ideas that the other holds about man-woman relationships. In order for both partners to work effectively toward creating a relationship, they must first identify the basis and nature of their own relationship. The Neo-Tech/Psychuous concepts identify the basis for man-woman relationships designed to yield growth, psychuous pleasures, and happiness.


Future Potential

A romantic-love relationship moves forward with motivation and anticipation through a vision of future values, benefits, and happiness. The potential of a love relationship is a function of:

a. The nature of the relationship.
b. Each partner's rate and direction of evolvement or development.
c. The amount of rational thought and effort each partner keeps putting into the relationship.

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