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Individual Uniqueness; Personal Worth

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Neo-Tech Advantage #66

People are not equal in value or worth. Only in the rights to their own lives and property are people equal. Those and only those rights are inalienable for all human beings. By nature, no one has an automatic or natural right to anything else in life. Moreover, beyond the equality of individual or property rights, nothing is, can, or should be equal between human beings. Profound differences exist among people in their self-made qualities such as character development, earned skills, self-worth, extrinsic worth, aspects of intelligence, self-esteem, life-lifting capacity, psychuous-pleasures capacity.

The "average individual" does not exist. Each individual is unique. Average characteristics are a statistical tool that cannot be applied to any individual. So many variables are involved in an individual's character, physical structure, and psychological makeup that no individual can possibly be an average person. Moreover, no average psychology or lifestyle exists. In fact, all rational psychologies have a "random-walk" capacity for delivering happiness. That means that every rational, productive individual has the same capacity for earning abiding happiness regardless of intelligence, psychology, or job status. Abiding happiness is possible to the extent that a person rejects mysticism in utilizing the mind to think rationally and in exerting the effort to live fully.

Each adult stands uniquely separate and alone on his or her honesty, character, and earned worth. In dealing with anyone in a relationship (especially a romantic relationship), a person's honesty, character, and self-earned values count above all else. And earned values always determine one's self-esteem and happiness despite the constant efforts by politicians, media journalists, cartoonists, social "intellectuals" and other neocheaters to use nonearned characteristics such as face, skin, sex, age, race, nationality, or family background to praise, pay off, judge, or condemn people. Constant exposure to the anti-individualistic myths pushed by professional mystics and neocheaters diminish one's ability to honestly judge character and earned worth. Recognition of an individual's earned worth is the cornerstone of justice and essential for romantic love and psychuous pleasures.

People who choose mystical lives and destructive "careers" (such as politicians, theologians, and criminals) experience continuously decreasing self-esteems along with diminishing capacities for happiness and pleasures. Every person does, however, have the capacity to change personally by rejecting all forms of mysticism to become an honest, strong, productive individual able to achieve growing prosperity, abiding happiness, and psychuous pleasures.

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