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Capacity to Change

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Neo-Tech Advantage #67

People are capable of change...of changing their lives, character, attitudes, views, and actions. To be real, however, such changes must occur through one's own choices motivated by one's own desires and self-interest. Basic changes can never be successfully imposed on anyone, not even by a person's love partner. Changes accomplished by force, threat, coercion, or pressure are not genuine changes, but are pretenses or changes in external appearance designed to deceive, relieve pressures, or to avoid threatened consequences. Such feigned changes are never positive and always lead to harmful consequences.

Positive changes always require honest, self-directed efforts. Through ongoing character development, a person can become triggered to integrate new information quickly. That integration can cause significant, rapid changes in attitudes. If a person is unable or unwilling to act on valid new information, then efforts directed toward changing that person will fail. That does not mean untriggered persons cannot eventually change. But, if they do, the change will be by their own choice and pace.

Avoiding Disguised Mystics

Integrated awareness is needed to identify and avoid partners whose lives are dominated by mysticism, especially disguised mysticism. Two types of mystics exist: (1) Mystics who project their problems and disorders onto others. Such mystics are often characterized by their paranoid use of non sequiturs to blame others for their own problems. (2) Closet mystics who inwardly hurt themselves by undermining values that enter their lives. Ironically, such mystics are often characterized by cluttered closets that reflect the hidden disorder they create in their personal lives. A disorderly closet may indicate a mystically dominated personal life that drains the lives of others.

Both types of mystics create problems where none exist. Both are incompatible with romantic love. And either will eventually destroy any value-based relationship. Yet, Neo-Tech can cure any type of mysticism (the stupidness disease) to yield competent lives filled with growing prosperity, happiness, and romantic-love.

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