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Prosperity and Happiness Goals

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Neo-Tech Advantage #7

Life is the universal standard to which all people are subject. And life -- conscious human life -- is the standard on which every Neo-Tech Concept is based.

How does the standard of life relate to prosperity and happiness? Human beings must meet specific needs to function at their best (i.e., to function as the living organism is designed to function). Filling those needs produces prosperity, pleasure, and happiness.[ 3 ] The Neo-Tech Concepts provide the knowledge for filling those biological needs -- physical, psychological, and intellectual needs. And in filling those biological needs, personal prosperity and happiness become the natural, rational goals of human life.

An important purpose of Neo-Tech is to demonstrate that three requirements for prosperity and happiness always exist: (1) a healthy physical state, (2) a healthy self-esteem, and (3) an honest, efficacious handling of objective reality in competitively producing maximum values for others. A person can meet all three requirements by using the Neo-Tech concepts. But to earn prosperity through productivity requires rational thought and constant effort. ...By nature, a prosperous, happy life is an active, challenging life. [Neo-Tech Advantage #11 provides a self-evaluation test to determine if one has oriented his or her life as a value producer or as a value destroyer.]

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[ 3 ] Throughout Neo-Tech, the words prosperity, pleasure, and happin ess are always used in a rational context. For, irrational prosperity or pleasures are based on destructive actions (e.g., profit by fraud, victory by force, success by deceit, pleasure by drugs). Such actions may provide a transitory sense of euphoria, pleasure, or well-being, but can never deliver abiding prosperity or happiness.

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