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Equality of Men and Women

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Neo-Tech Advantage #70

The human mind is neuter. Men and women have equal capacity for intellectual development, character development, integral honesty, self-esteem, physical fitness, psychuous pleasures, romantic love, and abiding happiness. But physiological differences as well as psychological differences exist between men and women. Those differences must be recognized in order to function effectively -- to function as a human male or female is intended to function -- to function as an honest, rational, conscious being. [Re: Table 37, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia, illustrates the important physical and psychological differences between men and women.] Those differences cannot be considered good or bad, better or worse, or by any other label. They are just differences in their natures. But the differences are real. Thus, they must be recognized and dealt with as reality.

The feminist movement ignores or rejects the psychological differences and often even ignores the physiological differences between man and woman. That evasion of reality is reflected by the feminists' irrational, destructive demands for government-enforced "equality".

The often misunderstood division-of-labor concept is central to all beneficial relationships, ranging from individual man-woman romantic relationships to mutually beneficial employer-employee relationships involving thousands of people. Next to their attacks on individual rights through the use of government force, the most harmful neocheating manipulations by feminist leaders are their attacks on the voluntary division-of-labor concept. Some feminists advocate eliminating the division-of-labor dynamic from man-woman relationships. They demand, for example, that all jobs, chores, and activities be shared equally. Those feminists and other neocheating egalitarians want to use government force to reduce value producers to the level of value destroying mystics and neocheaters.

Most other people desire and happily use the division of labor to their mutual advantages. Indeed, the most fair, efficient way to exchange values for desired values is through division of labor. Even the traditional trade in which the man earns money while the woman makes an efficient home and living atmosphere is a valid, proper trade that can greatly benefit each, if each mutually agrees to and desires such a trade.

For what reason would a feminist or anyone else attack two people who agree to what they want to do with their own personal selves and lives? One reason is that such feminists are neocheaters using the tool of guilt to undermine values in order to usurp power and values earned by others. But, romantic-love partners responding to feminist demands for equality of actions (rather than for each partner offering the other his or her separately developed values), eventually eliminate happiness from their relationships. For equality of actions pushes love partners toward inefficient, restricted petty relationships in which mutual growth fades and love dies.

Women functioning in any of the following three categories can achieve psychuous pleasures, romantic love, and abiding happiness:

  1. Self-sufficient, commercially productive[ 35 ] career women can easily experience the full-range of psychuous pleasures and romantic love.
  2. Genuinely productive housewives or mothers who contribute significantly to increasing the commercial productivity of their husbands and the value potentials of their children can also experience growing psychuous pleasures and romantic love. But they, as with men, must always keep developing their intellectual and productive capacities. Women most naturally succeed in this category.
  3. Women actively seeking growth by becoming knowledgeable or proficient in artistic, cultural, or recreational areas (such as art, music, literature, dance, sports) can experience growing romantic relationships. But such relationships will not continue to grow unless the woman passes the amateur stage to eventually become commercially productive and self-sufficient in that or another area. Only a tiny percentage of women succeed in this category.
In most societies, more men than women are commercially productive. More men than women, therefore, have the potential for experiencing psychuous pleasures and growing romantic-love relationships. That disparity works against the happiness of both men and women. Thus, both men and women benefit as more and more females enter the romantic-love marketplace by becoming competitive net value producers inside the home, outside the home, or both.

The worst aspect of the feminist movement and other so-called "rights" movements is their advocating legislated government force or coercion to violate individual and property rights of others. All professional mystics and neocheating leaders require force or deception to survive by parasitically filling their needs. And those needs are usually disguised as "noble" ends. But no matter how noble sounding the end, it can never justify the means of force against any individual. Institutionalized initiation of force against individuals for any reason is categorically wrong, immoral, and diminishes the well-being and happiness of everyone.

Government policies and laws backed by force have always been the major instrument for denying women their individual rights. So what about those legions of feminists advocating that same legislated government force to achieve women "rights" by violating rights of others? They diminish everyone's rights and well-being. Such use of government force was vigorously promoted even by early feminists such as Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell (1821-1910) who was responsible for tough, anti-prostitution laws that only increased government use of force to oppress both men and women. Moreover, Blackwell's guilt-laden, anti-sex, anti-masturbation writings were subsequently promoted by the Catholic church. Her writings led to the heavy masturbation guilt that still hangs over most women...a guilt that has deprived countless millions of women of healthy sexual development.

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[ 35 ] Commercially productive means being economically self-suff icient by producing more tradeable values in the competitive, free market than one consumes.

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