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Potential of Women, 1300 BC through Today

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Neo-Tech Advantage #72

Women hold great potential for gaining economic and cultural power throughout the world. But their potential is undermined by politicians, feminists, and other value destroyers who use the government to force their egalitarian equalities on others. Indeed, to survive without producing competitive values for others, professional neocheaters and mystics must use force, deception, and mysticism to usurp their destructive livelihoods from others. And physically weaker women are the easiest targets for their destructions. Thus, professional mystics and neocheaters more easily subject women to injustices and abuses to usurp power and values.[ 36 ] For that reason, throughout recorded history, women have suffered greater oppression than have men as illustrated on the following pages:


Ancient Greece
1300 B.C. - 450 B.C.

Homeric women (1300 B.C.-1100 B.C.) were relatively free and exercised considerable influence over men. But all women were subjected to double standards -- legal and sexual.

Enlightened Greece
450 B.C. - 27 B.C.

Courtesans held the highest positions of individual rights and personal respect available to women. Wives held the lowest position and were considered as housekeepers with few if any rights.

High-class prostitutes or courtesans were held superior to virtuous women and wives.

Roman Empire
27 B.C. - 385 A.D.

With increased economic freedom, the drive for individual freedom brought new rights and respect for women. Oppression by mystics and conservatives decreased. Double standards diminished.

Drive for women's liberation and equality. As today, Roman feminists who advocated use of government controls and force to accomplish their ends failed in the long run by establishing the conditions for the increased oppression of women.

Decline of the Roman Empire
100 A.D. - 385 A.D.

The spreading altruistic influence of Christianity began stripping women of their individual rights and subjecting them to new, heavy oppressions while leading the civilized Western World toward asceticism and anti-sexual attitudes.

Christianity plunged Rome into asceticism, causing massive destruction and suffering. Women lost almost all rights with rising Christian power. ...Today, ominous parallels are developing with rising fundamentalist, born-again, anti-porn/anti-abortion movements.

Rise of Christianity
385 A.D. - 1000 A.D.

The Western World sank into the Dark Ages as women were pushed to their lowest position in recorded history. They had no individual or legal rights. The Church considered women as subhuman. In fact, the Roman Catholic Church considered women as wasteful property who could be killed, beaten, tortured, ravished or forced into slavery with impunity by theologians and "devout" noblemen.

Catholic bishops argued that women did not have mortal souls and that women were pieces of wasteful property. The Roman Catholic church sanctioned wife-beating. Killing a woman was not a very serious offense. Noblemen had the natural "right" to ravish any peasant woman.

1000 - 1300

The rise of courtly love and the de-emphasis of the Catholic Church began elevating women to emotional partners more equal to men. Respect and admiration for women increased with increased economic activity. But women still had few individual or legal rights. Extreme double standards were still practiced.

A new man-woman relationship developed that was previously unknown to Western civilization. Women gained respect and admiration. Courtly love elevated women from child bearers and lust satisfiers to more equal partners with men.

The Church vs. the Renaissance
1300 - 1500

The Church fought viciously to stop the rising new concepts of romantic love, happy man-woman relationships, and pleasurable sex. Pope Innocent VIII started the inquisitions and witch trials. Millions of innocent women were killed, tortured, and burned to death by the Roman Catholic Church. But the growing enlightenment of the Renaissance with spreading economic freedoms began liberating the human mind and reason from the dark, brutal mysticism of Christian theology.

Renaissance noblemen equated women to beauty and good. The church fought back by promoting the "evils" of women and witchcraft. They advocated hanging "evil" women by their thumbs, twisting ropes around their heads, pushing needles under their nails, and pouring boiling oil on their feet in the "devout hope" of forcing confessions of their "wickedness". The Roman Catholic church then proceeded to burn to death tens of thousands of innocent women.

The Puritans
1500 - 1700

With increasing economic activity, the Puritans rejected the Church's hatred of women, sex, and happiness. They accepted the normality of sex, pleasure, and happiness. Women's rights greatly improved under Puritanism. Women could divorce. They gained property and inheritance rights. Marriage became a civil contract.

The Age of Reason
1700 - 1800

Men respected women for their minds and intellectual development. People involved in business began scrapping the gloom and hatred of Christianity and its idea that women were evil. Yet, women were still held as subservient to men.

The rationalists rejected the malevolence of Christianity. But women were often considered as ornaments, toys, or nitwits.

Pre- and Early Victorianism
1800 - 1850

Slobbering sensitivity became the ideal. Men sought shy, virginal women. The togetherness concept developed. Glorification of "pure" women was a pretext for a desperate last attempt by neocheating conservatives and the Church to subjugate women as servants of men. A great increase in double standards occurred under the guise of "moral" standards. Women lost considerable individual freedom.

Men grew shy and sought "pure" women. Virginal-type women were "glorified" and idealized. But that "morality" was only a new pretext for the continued subjugation of women by men. The U. S. Surgeon General, Dr. William Hammond, issued the warning that decent women should not feel the slightest pleasure during sexual intercourse. Many doctors considered sexual desire in women to be pathological. But women began revolting against their "purified" and "glorified" status.

The Decline of Religion and Victorianism
via the Rise of Capitalism and the Emancipation of Women
1850 - 1900

Capitalistic economics undermined the oppressive customs of the past and broke the unjust, feudal hierarchy of the social classes. Capitalism crippled the influence of the Church. Capitalism created the atmosphere and pressure for female suffrage, individual rights, divorce reform, and equal legal and economic rights. Victorianism was a desperate delaying action against increasing honesty, individuality, justice, earned equality, and rising economic freedoms.

With the rise of capitalism, women gained significant economic rights for the first time since the anti-Christian, pagan Roman Empire. Capitalism broke the stifling, unjust religious/feudal-class patterns. A new optimism and cheerful happiness rose among the middle class. Capitalistic economics greatly accelerated the collapse of hypocritical snobbishness, racism, artificial social ties, and oppressive religious and social customs. The rigid Victorian home was threatened by increasing economic freedom for females, divorce reforms, and free-choice love. Victorianism was a last-stand action by the conservatives and the church against the inevitable, liberating changes caused by capitalism and a prosperous, industrial civilization.

The Emergence of 20th-Century Romantic Love
1900 - 1960

Flourishing commerce among individuals, especially in America, discarded the anti-sexual, Victorian-Christian ethics. Double standards diminished with more equal educational, economic, legal, and sexual rights for women. Birth control and abortion rights were promoted. Capitalism liberated women and minorities by valuing all individuals according to their objective worth rather than to their sex, beliefs, social status, or race.

Women increasingly became equal to men in romantic relationships. Love patterns of all societies were drawn to the free and honest capitalistic style of Western love, which combined sexuality, affectionate friendship, productive work, and family functions...all into a single, equal-partner relationship. The modern, capitalist-generated, sexual revolution demolished most of the Christian-Victorian patterns of anti-sexual, patriarchal oppressiveness.

Modern Romantic Love
1960 - Present

The sexual revolution broke the last vestiges of inequalities between men and women. But today, renewed oppression of individual rights has begun to rise ominously with the feminist and religious movements against pornography and abortion. Those movements are inspired by neocheating authorities seeking unearned power. Still, the majority of women have not fully exercised their new freedoms and rights. Many neocheating feminist leaders seek unearned gains through government coercion and force. And that force will boomerang to increasingly subjugate the rights of all women...and men.[ 37 ]

Individual freedom that naturally evolves from capitalism made possible modern romantic love and the liberation of women. For, the capitalistic free market put values on individuals according to their objective worth rather than their sex, social status, or race. Women can now be fully independent. But having gained the freedom for equality, many women fear that equality might be too risky or challenging, or require too much independence or effort, or cost them the chance for love. Such women often buy "security" and "love" at the price of remaining unequal, unfulfilled, unhappy all their adult lives.

Today, men and women have essentially the same educational and economic opportunities. But many women in developed societies have no careers beyond the home. Thus, they deny their basic human need to develop competence and self-sufficiency. That need for competence and independence is fulfilled by pursuing productive work in challenging careers.

Future Romantic Love

Two approaches to life are open: (1) The neocheater's approach of using force-backed government or deceit-based religion to drain values from others, or (2) the producer's approach of using integrated honesty and free markets to deliver competitive values wanted by others and society. That second approach obviates force, coercion, fraud in allowing all men and women equally to pursue prosperity, romantic love, and abiding happiness.

Despite feminist claims, nothing today prevents women from realizing their potentials. The battle is not for women's rights, minority rights, black rights -- the battle is and always has been for individual rights. When individual rights are fully protected, then everyone's rights are protected.

Most feminists diminish the potential for all women by trying to usurp unearned economic or money gains through government force or coercion in violating the rights of others. Such tactics are morally wrong and destructive to all individuals. And in the long run, those tactics succeed only in giving government more power to oppress everyone -- especially women.

While stridently expressing goals of liberation and freedom, most feminist policies deny freedom of choice, voluntary division of labor, and open competition. Those policies reveal a fear of freedom, competition, integrated thinking, and self-responsibility. Such dishonest, double-speak contradictions of demanding freedom while actually attacking freedom via government force are also common in "liberation" or "rights" movements of various Black, consumer, and environmental groups. Such groups demand benefits and "freedoms" via government force while reducing their own and everyone else's freedom.

Government laws backed by force have always been the mechanism that eventually oppressed women [Re: Section Four, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. The genuine liberation of women occurred during those rare, historic periods during which the reason and logic of individual freedom gained influence over the dishonesty and mysticism of government and religious oppression. Those liberating periods were the Golden Age of Greece, the Renaissance, and the greatest, most profoundly moral period of all: the free-enterprise phase of the Industrial Revolution. In free-enterprise capitalism, the influences of reason, honesty, effort, productivity, and voluntary individual choice count for everything, while the influences of mysticism, dishonesty, racism, social status, and the use of force are dismissed as nothing. ...The causal relationship of reason and capitalism to freedom and prosperity for women is clear.

In attempting to establish credibility, feminists promote and publicize certain "famous" women of history as heroines. Some of those women were honest, value producers who contributed to human well-being. But most of those feminist "heroines" were demagogues and neocheaters who agitated for more government force to make individuals conform to their wishes or demands. In their promotion of "great women", most feminists hypocritically ignore one of the greatest benefactors to human life and champions of individual rights. That person was a woman. She was one of the most profound thinkers and writers, male or female, of all time. She was a world-famous novelist and the most important philosopher since Aristotle. Her name: Ayn Rand.

Why do most feminists ignore Ayn Rand? Because she intellectually refuted their concepts of mysticism, initiatory force, and government coercion to achieve ends. More important, she clearly identified the immorality of such approaches, thus repudiating the core of most feminist movements and methods. Also, Ayn Rand identified that the only proper moral issue is individual rights...not women's rights, black rights, or any other such "rights" or causes. For such causes are largely designed to support neocheaters.

The feminists' rejection of Ayn Rand not only underscores their intellectual dishonesty, but demonstrates that their movement is not interested in individual rights. Instead, they are interested in usurping power, values, advantages, and bogus livelihoods through the spurious neocheating gimmick of women's rights. Because of their disregard for individual rights in their demands for government coercion or force, feminist movements bring, in the long run, only further government oppression of women. Indeed, that oppression is already recurring with, for example, the anti-abortion and anti-pornography movements.

And finally, most feminists stridently attack women's greatest benefactor and liberator -- free-enterprise capitalism. Furthermore, many feminists actually support the prime causes for oppression of women -- government and religion. In fact, some feminists remain active members of the most virulently anti-women, patriarchal organization ever contrived by man -- the Roman Catholic Church. Such feminists work against the well-being of all women and all individuals.

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[ 36 ] By oppressing women, men become easier to oppress.

[ 37 ] Women who usurp feminist-inspired, unearned values are heading back toward dependence...toward being taken care of and eventually subjugated by men. In essence, the feminist movement is designed to coerce productive people into taking care of protesting women. The inevitable results are opposite the goals of freedom declared by feminist neocheaters. And those same ploys are destructively used by politicians to usurp "freedom" for blacks and other minorities. Indeed, the more unearned values usurped by the neocheating feminists and politicians, the more their recipient clients move toward dependence and subjugation. ...Neocheaters transfer values from the earned to the unearned while harming everyone, especially those they claim to help.

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