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Nature of Emotions; Self-Responsibility

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Neo-Tech Advantage #73

The Nature of Emotions

  1. Emotions are neither good nor bad and are not subject to moral judgments, no matter how irrational or "bad sounding" they may seem. ...Only actions can be judged as good or bad, moral or immoral.
  2. All emotions, no matter how irrational or how deeply repressed, are a real part of a person and need to be recognized, acknowledged, and guiltlessly accepted.
  3. Each repressed, negative emotion becomes an integral part of a person's mind. Each repressed emotion subconsciously exerts a continuous negative effect on that person's thinking and emotional processes. That negative effect remains forever, unless the emotion (often an emotion from childhood) is identified and rationally re-examined through the mature adult mind.
  4. The identifying and releasing of any repressed emotion through a non-mystical mind is a healthy, rewarding experience. [Re: Concept 104, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]

Self-Responsibility/Mouth Responsibility

Each individual is solely responsible for his or her own actions. That includes being responsible for what goes in and out of one's mouth. Mouth Responsibility: the self-responsibility for the food, drink, drugs, smoke, genitalia that go into one's mouth and the words that come out.

Internal mysticism ruins people's lives through (1) allowing irrational, destructive ingestion of sugar, alcohol, or drugs into their mouths and (2) allowing irrational, destructive words to egress from their mouths. Everyone alone must personally battle to overcome internal mysticism in order to live prosperously and happily. Self-responsibility cannot be transferred to anyone. For that reason, most therapies by psychologists and psychiatrists are invalid. Moreover, such therapies are often practiced by neocheaters usurping a livelihood by manipulating mysticism in others.

Almost all psychological problems arise from internal mysticism. And each individual can overcome such problems by continual, conscious choice to be honest rather than mystical. Each person must decide to self-determine the future or to surrender that responsibility to external "authorities" (including psychologists). That surrender of life occurs on asking others to solve one's own problems and deliver happiness.

Fighting and rejecting mysticism within one's own self is the greatest, most important of all battles. And the most ironic, tragic loser of that battle was the philosopher, Ayn Rand. For she developed and harnessed the greatest mind to battle mysticism since Aristotle. Yet, she could never collect her full rewards, because she lost the battle to personal mysticism on several fronts. The most irrational, emotion-driven mysticisms were her rationalizations, vindictiveness, cultism, and smoking. The consequences of those mystical indulgences? Unnecessary unhappiness, sycophants limiting her work, and nicotine killing her. ...While Ayn Rand was totally non-mystical in her work and ideas, she became increasingly mystical and unhappy in her personal life. By contrast, her long-time collaborator Nathaniel Branden later absorbed areas of mysticism in his work and ideas while apparently growing less mystical and more happy in his personal life.

Having an external "authority" such as a God, a drug, a cigarette, a cult, a psychologist delivers: 1. quick, easy-way, no-struggle "answers" that avoid self-responsibility, and 2. fuel for more personal mysticisms. That avoiding of self-responsibility always fuels personal mysticism while diminishing the individual's competence and motivation to solve one's own personal problems. And that default is why most therapies are long-range failures. Only individuals themselves can have sufficient motivation and self-knowledge to successfully overcome internal mysticism and solve life's problems. Only individuals themselves can put sufficient energy and knowledge into the efforts needed to become competent, prosperous, and happy. No mystical or outside source can provide those values.

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