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Natural Highs

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Neo-Tech Advantage #74

Natural highs always beneficially integrate with a person's physical or psychological life -- or both. Unnatural highs always destructively disintegrate a person's physical or psychological life -- or both.

Strongly positive experiences such as major achievements, aerobic exercises, great music, art, literature, drama, and romantic love stimulate natural highs. The ultimate high, however, comes from feeling one's own self in control -- being in control of life, living free of mysticism, living honestly, rationally, productively. In that non-mystical state, a person acutely feels the integrated physical and psychological process of living. He or she experiences the impact of living fully, in competent control of one's own self, destiny, and reality.

That clarity and control of self, life, and reality produces a physical and emotional high. That high evolves from an acute awareness of living in reality...of being in control. Such highs are far more exhilarating than those achieved through reality avoiding, artificial stimuli such as drugs, alcohol, religious or mystical experiences, manipulating others, ruling others, killing others. Those fake control-seeking highs are achieved through force and destruction. By contrast, all genuine, lasting highs are achieved through competitive production of values.

The most intense reality high is psychuous pleasures. Reality highs, however, can be consistently experienced in almost any phase of one's life to produce continuous waves of pleasure and happiness. Most people have at times experienced brief or partial glimpses of those natural highs. Such experiences live vividly in nearly everyone's memory. On analysis, one will discover that those experiences occurred when a person was most free of mysticism -- most free to be his or her own self -- most free to function according to his or her biological nature. Moreover, everyone who has developed a rational, productive lifestyle has the capacity for experiencing natural highs with increasing frequency. Those highs can eventually blend into a near continuous state of happiness marked by extra-intense moments of psychuous pleasures.

The Neo-Tech/Psychuous concepts deal with relationships between people. But those concepts also deal with the relationship of one's own self relative to reality, self-esteem, and self-awareness. Only through developing a nonmystical, integrated relationship with one's own body, mind, and objective reality can a person fully experience the prosperity, pleasures, and happiness available from life.

Natural highs involve the release of physical and emotional tensions while being fully aware of the mind and body. The sensation is that of "letting go" as the body tensions release and the emotional pleasures are guiltlessly felt. Those natural, euphoric experiences are contrasted to the destructive, tension-breaking actions of taking drugs, getting drunk, food gorging. Such artificial or mystical highs always leave hangovers and unhappiness along with damaged minds and bodies. [Re: Table 41, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia].

Natural highs can also release chronic muscular tensions manifested in taut necks, shallow breathing, stiffly pulled up shoulders, tense buttocks, and uptightness in general. In fact, neck stiffness is an indicator of locked-in conflicts caused by mysticism.

Releasing such tensions also improves one's physical grace and coordination. The release of those tensions restores the natural, cat-like gracefulness of body motions as muscles begin working together in their intended, fluid, integrated manner. Also, the release of those chronic tensions and the deepening of breathing permits clearer, more effective thinking.

Certain exercises are also effective in both releasing chronic muscle tensions and improving one's breathing. [Re: Book Analysis 71, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia] Also, self-hypnosis can relax certain physical tensions. Hypnosis bypasses the conscious mind by putting orders directly into a nonresisting, noncritical subconscious mind. [Re: Appendix C, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. Effective hypnosis techniques are easy to master, but can be damaging to the subconscious mind when hypnosis is used carelessly or with improper dehypnosis. Moreover, hypnosis is usually used mystically, is generally unnecessary, and is not recommended.

Tension-releasing not only lets one relax and feel pleasures, but projects a freedom to others that helps them relax and share the pleasures.

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