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Philosophy for Romantic-Love

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Neo-Tech Advantage #76

Glib, shallow philosophies about love and sex based on selflessness, altruism, or slogans are easily conjured up by mystics and neocheaters. To some people, Leo Buscaglia's love-all philosophies may sound poetic, beautiful, comfortable, and easy to accept. But those pseudo philosophies are generally rigged from non sequiturs and then promulgated as the truth by glib psychologists, social "experts", religious "authorities", egalitarian writers, mountebanks, and other neocheaters who have never experienced integrated, value-oriented romantic love. Thus, their books and words work to diminish everyone's love and happiness.

Many books about love and sex are also based on spurious, altruistic philosophies that sound "good" on the surface and promise happiness through a system of destructively selfless, sacrificial acts. But altruism is a power-usurping tool contrived by neocheaters for contradicting reality, subverting the nature of human beings, and laying false guilt on everyone. Such glibly spurious, altruistic philosophies contradict the positive, valuable goals ostensibly presented in those books. Most authors never realize that an explicit, rational philosophy is necessary to form a consistent basis for their writings, especially when dealing with human relationships and love.

If philosophy is ignored or used inconsistently by the authors, the value of their work is diminished. Without a conscious philosophical position, no consistent principles are available to guide a person's work, life, or love relationship. By contrast, every Neo-Tech/Psychuous concept is rooted in a consistent philosophy that integrates reality with the physical, psychological, and intellectual nature of human beings.

Consciously or subconsciously, all people make philosophical choices that determine the course of their lives. Two fundamental philosophical choices exist for all human beings: (1) a reality oriented, pro-life choice (Aristotelian), or (2) a mystically oriented, anti-life choice (Platonistic). The future of all humans and all societies are determined by those two philosophical choices. Aristotelian choices allow a person to experience success, prosperity, romantic love, psychuous pleasures, long-range happiness. Platonistic choices lead to a rationalized life that eventually produces failure, anxiety, destructiveness, boredom, unhappiness [Re: Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia, Table 43 illustrates the results of those two choices throughout history while listing the social and personal consequences of choosing an Aristotelian versus a Platonistic approach to life].

Thus, all philosophical concepts fall into one of two camps:

  1. Aristotelian-based, free-enterprise individualism based on life-oriented honesty and effort.
  2. Platonistic-based, altruistic collectivism based on death-oriented dishonesty and laziness.
All religions and most political concepts fall into the Platonistic camp. All Neo-Tech/Psychuous concepts fall into the Aristotelian camp [Re: Table 44, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia].

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