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Humor and Sense of Life

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Neo-Tech Advantage #78

Spontaneous humor is a highly individualized characteristic that reflects a person's sense of life. Humor can also identify a person's psychology and philosophy [Re: Table 46, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia].

Humor is a product of lateral or horizontal thinking [Re: Concept 143, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. Through horizontal thinking, a new and unexpected way to look at something is developed. That surprise contrast between the conventional, expected view and the new, unexpected view is the essence of humor. The nature of that newly created view reflects the sense of life in both those who create and those who respond to that particular humor.

The spontaneous response to humor is a quick, automatic indicator of that person's sense of life (e.g., benevolent or malevolent). Even when they try, few people can conceal or successfully fake their response to humor. Thus, identification of a person's sense of life through humor is often quite reliable. Understanding the nature of humor helps identify one's own sense of life as well as that of other people [Re: Table 46, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. Also, a compatibility of humor is one of the most enjoyable aspects of friendships and romantic-love relationships.

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