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Taboos vs. Voluntary Sex Acts

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Neo-Tech Advantage #79

Deep-rooted taboos subconsciously affect nonsexual as well as sexual relationships between people. For example, fear of incest taboos can inhibit or even prevent an affectionate, rewarding father-daughter relationship. Subconscious incest taboos and fears can also block or limit communication between parents and their children concerning sex education and open discussion of sexual matters. Taboos can likewise inhibit nonsexual friendships and prevent loving, familial affections from reaching their full potential.

Objective examination reveals that most negative views of taboos are themselves irrational or mystical. Even negative views of the strongest taboos such as bestiality and incest are sometimes unfounded. But violating or performing any taboo can also stem from an unhealthy, neurotic, psychotic, or criminal base.

Forcible rape and child-adult sexual relations are not just taboos, but are criminal acts. For, they involve the violation of individual rights by force or coercion. A child lacks the experience, knowledge, as well as the emotional and physical independence to make valid free-choice, sexual-relation decisions. Such a child can easily be forced or coerced into sexual acts by his or her natural dependency on the adult for survival. Indeed, adult incest with a child is equivalent to rape in violating that child's individual rights and well-being. Thus, when a child is involved, incest is a crime exceeded in seriousness only by injurious assault, rape, and murder. ...Carrying out any taboo, sex act, or any action for that matter becomes criminal when (and only when) the action harms, diminishes, or endangers an individual's rights or life by force, fraud, or coercion.[ 38 ]

But mutually agreed-on violation of other taboos can be from a healthy or "good-for-me" base. For example, most of today's vanishing taboos such as premarital sex, oral sex, enactment of fantasies, and the satisfying of fetishes are often (but not always) performed from a healthy base [Re: Concepts 111 and 112, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. Violating other taboos such as adultery can be injurious when involving deception or dishonesty. Also plural marriages are generally (but not always) too difficult or demanding to be healthy, even if honest. Taboos such as homosexuality and bestiality are often thought to be violated from psychologically harmful, neurotic bases. But such is not the case when performed by genetically determined homosexuals or adolescents motivated by curiosity. ...One possible lure to non genetic forms of homosexuality is easy, low-effort, multiple sexual experiences. But, the percentage of homosexuals affected or motivated by that lure is not known. Indeed, much is still unknown about homosexuality.[ 39 ]

Committing incest usually evolves from a neurotic or a psychotic base, but again not always. Incest between consenting adults, for example, is theoretically possible from a healthy base. Despite government laws,[ 40 ] nothing in the nature of voluntary, adult-adult incest is inherently wrong or harmful in the act itself. But conception among close blood relatives can activate undesirable, genetically recessive traits. Thus, the special problem of bearing defective children must be considered by closely related couples. The decision to bear children, however, always remains the right of the couple. But if they choose to bear children, they must be willing and able to assume full responsibility to provide for and raise to independent adulthood any children they bear.

The inherent non-wrongness of adult-adult incest is most obvious in the case of adult orphans who unknown to each other are brother and sister and who by chance meet. They could quite naturally fall in love, have sex, marry, and have children without knowledge of their blood relationship. Incest in that case obviously can be from a healthy basis. Furthermore, even known incestuous relationships between consenting adults are not necessarily unhealthy or neurotic (although today they often are). Throughout recorded history, incestuous marriages, especially among the ruling classes, were accepted as normal and widely practiced in many cultures.

No sexual act between consenting adults can objectively be illegal, even if the acts are physically or psychologically harmful to the consenting individuals (such as injurious homosexuality, masochism, sadism). Only acts of force, fraud, or coercion that violate the individual rights of nonconsenting people[ 41 ] can be objectively illegal. Such criminal acts include forcible rape, adult/child sexual relationships, nonconsenting sadism, and any other acts that are physically or fraudulently forced on unwilling or unknowing victims.

Some of the more irrational government laws that violate individual rights are those dealing with sex. They range from the government sanctioning murder (e.g., some jurisdictions allow the husband to kill with near impunity the lover of his wife) to restricting the way one makes love to a consenting partner (e.g., in some states, couples can go to jail for oral sex).

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[ 38 ] The highly emotional, serious-crime nature of child-adult sex has given government neocheaters a bonanza of causes célèbres for increasing their usurpation of power. As a result, individual rights are further transgressed. From such government overreactions, many innocent people are unjustly accused and even jailed. Consider, for example, the rash of witch hunts against child day-care centers a few years ago during which nearly everyone charged or prosecuted was innocent. ...Those politically ambitious, neocheating prosecutors simply swaggered away with arrogant impunity from their ruin and waste. Without a qualm, they never gave a backward glance at the ruined businesses, broken lives, and psychologically damaged children they needlessly caused.

[ 39 ] Genetic homosexuals should be guiltlessly free to pursue their sexual preference without attempts to "cure" them. For, genetic homosexuality is nature's sorting method of preventing procreation of progeny with certain genetic anomalies. Non genetic homosexuals, however, seeking heterosexual lives can find assistance, for example, by contacting The National Association for Research and Treatment of Homosexuality.

[ 40 ] About half the states prohibit marriage of first cousins. All states prohibit marriage of blood relationships closer than first cousins.

[ 41 ] Nonconsenting people always include children. For they are unable to give valid or informed sexual consent because (1) they have gained neither the knowledge nor experience to assume the responsibilities for the physical and psychological consequences of sexual actions, and (2) they are dependent on adults for survival thus can be easily coerced or lured into consenting to psychologically harmful acts. An extremely harmful form of unjust, human manipulation is the parent-child incestuous relationship. Such a parent not only manipulates the child's lack of knowledge, but uses the child's survival dependence on the parent to criminally coerce that child into physically or psychologically destructive actions.

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