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Neo-Tech Advantage #8

A person sets up prosperity and earns happiness from within. Happiness cannot be taken from the material world or from another person. Happiness depends on genuine self-esteem, which is a product of a person's own life and choices. Happiness is a deeply personal, inner matter. Thus, no one can judge another person's happiness by outward appearances alone. A person may be miserable (such as a nonproductive mystic), but project a happy, cheerful appearance. Another person may appear unsmiling, even stern or cross (such as an intensely busy business executive), but if he or she is a productive person with self-esteem, that person will be profoundly happy.

To achieve long-range happiness, an individual must be mentally healthy. Many people, including most psychiatrists and psychologists, erroneously believe that mental health depends on how well a person adapts to the views and opinions of others, the majority, or society. That belief places conformity as the standard for mental health. But, instead, mental health depends on a loyalty to honesty, regardless of the views and opinions of others or one's own feelings. Indeed, the individual must deal honestly with reality to gain the productivity and self-esteem required for quality survival of the mind and body -- for prosperity and happiness.

Productivity and self-esteem build on each other. They are not, however, in a cause-and-effect relationship. The cause is character evolvement, development, and maturity; the effect is both productivity and self-esteem. And that effect delivers prosperity and happiness.

The human mind and body, by nature, function harmoniously. But when an individual accepts mystical ideas or takes irrational actions, the mind and body clash and contradict each other (e.g., the acceptance of religion-inspired guilt clashes with the sexual natures of men and women).

With Neo-Tech, one can easily determine the direction that an individual is moving: (a) toward prosperity, happiness, and life, or (b) toward conflict, unhappiness, and death. [Re: Table 3, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]

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