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Initiatory Force -- The Prime Evil

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Neo-Tech Advantage #80

Force, coercion, threat of force, or fraud[ 42 ] initiated against any individual for any reason by any individual, groups of individuals, societies, or governments is morally wrong. That is the only categorical moral statement possible. That statement must, by its nature, be the categorical, irreducible, and fundamental standard for all conscious beings, always, everywhere. That statement is the moral axiom upon which every Neo-Tech/Psychuous Concept rests. The initiation of force and fraud among conscious beings is not only the basic moral wrong and evil, but is the primary tool used by all professional mystics and neocheaters to survive through value destruction.

No exceptions to the immorality of initiatory force exist. No matter how "noble" the ends, they never justify the means of initiating force, fraud, or coercion against any individual. Any government or activity that depends on or uses initiatory force, threat of force, or coercion is immoral and destructive. Therefore, all taxation backed by force, all conscription backed by force, and all laws that regulate or control by force or coercion are immoral.

The only laws that are objectively just and moral are those that protect the life and property rights of individuals from initiatory force and fraud. All other laws that regulate people's lives or property are morally wrong, contrary to human nature, and harmful to everyone. Such immoral laws include those that restrict or prohibit drugs, alcohol, prostitution, abortion (of the fetus at any age), or any form of censorship or restriction of voluntary sexual activity. All such laws are morally wrong because they use threats or force against individuals.

While all governments have the power, none ever have the moral right to initiate force or coercion against any individual. The only beneficial and moral laws are those designed to protect the life and property rights of individuals from initiatory force, the threat of force, and fraud. In turn, the only moral use of force is for self-defense: That is for protection of oneself, property, or country from force initiated by other individuals or governments. ...Self-defense by any means, including force, is not only a basic moral right, but a moral duty.

No government has ever helped an individual produce more values or greater happiness than that individual could have produced without government. Governments differ only in the degree they harm people. In fact, except for protecting individual rights, no valid reason for government exists. Indeed, the entire concept of government is invalid and mystical. Government is nothing more than a mystical, big-lie hoax perpetuated through the centuries by neocheaters through force, non sequiturs, and the manipulation of mysticism.

Government is not the equivalent of one's country. Governments are based on invalid mystical notions that have no basis in reality; countries are objectively real entities of defined territories. A person can love his or her country, but properly despise the government that with usurped power constantly harms and drains everyone within its realm.

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[ 42 ] Fraud is an indirect form of initiatory force that decepti vely or dishonestly deprives a person of his life or property. All religions and governments operate and survive on fraud and/or force.

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