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Oppression vs. Freedom

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Neo-Tech Advantage #81

The following chart demonstrates the trend of human oppression over the past 3300 years. That oppression is directly proportional to the force and fraud governments and religion exert against individuals. The most oppressive, unhappy period of history was the Dark Ages during which religious power controlled the political system with unlimited force against individuals. By contrast, human happiness and well-being increased markedly during those periods when honesty and business reduced government and religious power. Also, as shown in the following chart, the government and church always oppressed women more than men. Indeed, governments and churches have always been controlled by neocheaters who manipulate the mystical concept of altruistic sacrifice to gain power. And, historically, those male neocheaters have always found physically weaker, more mystically dependent women their first and easiest target to bully into submission.

In exercising their unearned power, professional mystics and neocheaters gained added leverage by encouraging men to bully physically weaker women into submission. And they especially lured women into silliness -- into following mystical stupidities such as astrology and religion. But with the rise of nonmystical, free-market economies, women have become increasingly productive, more independent, less mystical, thus less oppressed. And recently, for the first time in history, freedom for men and women has become nearly equal. But with today's reviving interest in the stupidities of mysticism and religion, more women are choosing to slip back into mystical lives controlled by others.


+6=Maximum Freedom to
-6=Maximum Oppression

Period Men Women
Ancient Greece
1300 B.C. - 450 B.C.
0 -1
Enlightened Greece
450 B.C. - 27 B.C.
0 -3
Roman Empire
27 B.C. - 385 A.D.
+1 -1
Christianity Established
200 A.D. - 385 A.D.
-2 -4
Rise of Christian Power
(the unhappiest period in history)
385 A.D. - 1000 A.D.
-5 -6
Romantic Love Challenges Christianity
1000 - 1300
-2 -4
Renaissance Weakens Christianity
1300 - 1500
0 -1
Church Fights Back with Witch Trials and Inquisitions
1300 - 1500
-4 -6
The Puritans
1500 - 1700
+1 0
Age of Reason
1700 - 1800
+1 -1
Early Victorianism
1800 - 1850
+1 -4
Rise of Capitalism
1850 - 1900
+2 0
Rise of Romantic Love
1900 - 1960
+3 +1
Sexual Liberation
1960 - 1980
+3 +2.5
Rise of Mystical Stupidities: Evangelism via Television
1980 - 1990
+2.5 +1.5
Rise of Neo-Tech: The End of Mysticism and Neocheating
1990 - infinity
steadily increasing to +6 +6

Note: The long-term, general trend throughout history has been away from mysticism, poverty, stupidity, oppression, misery...and toward honesty, prosperity, intelligence, freedom, happiness: Away from the mystic-plagued Plato mind...and toward the mystic-free cosmic mind.

Today, the various political-religious hucksters, neocheating academia, mystical feminists, and many dishonest journalists and political cartoonists are climbing over each other to attack and undermine individual rights, business, and value producers around the world [Re: Table 51, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. Since business and its value producers strengthen individual rights, the attacks on business and producers are actually attacks on individual rights. Such attacks are designed to control the value producers for exploitation by neocheaters.

The worldwide trend of increasingly accepting mysticism and violence can culminate in either a government-sponsored nuclear holocaust or a world-wide, terror-controlled government. Either course would end our current civilization. With a continued rise of worldwide mysticism, either (1) a nuclear holocaust would occur through destructive political insanities (e.g., nuclear-armed Marxists/Leninists/Maoists) or destructive religious insanities (e.g., nuclear-armed Shiite muslims), or (2) a Lenin/Mao-style or Khomeini/Giuliani-style government would enslave or slaughter the best -- the most valiant, independent, value producers. That enslavement and slaughter of the good, the happy, the best among us would drag humanity back into the Dark Ages...perhaps for centuries.

In a world of escalating mysticism and neocheating, what will stop that destructive trend? Neo-Tech followed by Neothink will not only stop that trend, but will reverse it effectively, decisively, forever. Indeed, Neo-Tech has already begun to check the trend. Nothing can stop the current, worldwide Neo-Tech wave from breaking across all continents to eliminate mysticism and its symbiotic neocheaters.

The alternative to all gloomy scenarios caused by mystics and neocheaters is Neo-Tech driven competition -- a competitive revolution led by honest, productive working people. That competition will render all professional mystics and neocheaters impotent, uncompetitive, unable to manipulate the producers, unable to survive. Neo-Tech led competition will bring a forever prospering, happy business world [Re: Table 51, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia].

In a Neo-Tech political, social, and business environment, an unstoppable surge of human happiness, well-being, productivity, and romantic love will occur. Against Neo-Tech, professional mystics and neocheaters will appear as impotent clowns. They will be unable to deceive, cheat, oppress, injure, destroy, kill... unable to manipulate their plunderings and aggressions...unable to wage wars or commit mass murder. Indeed, Neo-Tech with its honest nature and competitive business climate will create an exhilarating, unstoppable atmosphere for creativity and achievement. The worldwide standard of living and happiness will soar. Poverty and famine will vanish. Most diseases including cancer and AIDS will quickly be eliminated. ...Human biological immortality without aging will soon become commercially available -- probably within a decade [Re: Concept 145, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia].

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