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Neo-Tech Advantage #82

At no time in history have the ideas, influences, doctrines, platforms, or actions of any political or religious system ever yielded a net benefit to productive human beings. No such system has ever increased the long-range prosperity, well-being, and happiness of anyone.[ 43 ] Indeed, individuals and civilizations thrive to the extent that religious and government power is diminished. The anti-force platform of the American Business Party first appeared nearly two decades ago in BARRONS financial weekly. [Re: Table 52, of Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia] That platform represents the only political structure that functions without force, fraud, or coercion. That platform, therefore, is compatible with the biological needs and well-being of all human beings. All other political systems depend on force, fraud, or coercion to function. Thus, all such systems have always harmed everyone throughout the ages.

Only the unique, anti-force nature of business allows people to fully use their minds and exercise their individual rights to live prosperously and happily. The question of having no government in a Neo-Tech business society versus having a limited government in areas of national defense, the courts, and police protection is meaningless so long as the moral principle of no initiatory force or fraud is observed. Within a Neo-Tech business society, a company called "government" or competing companies would deliver a needed, integrated package of services to those who voluntarily paid for such services. Without power to initiate force or the threat of force required to collect taxes, governments would function only to the extent their citizens or clients found their services valuable enough to voluntarily purchase.[ 44 ]

If citizens refused to purchase certain government services, those services would simply go out of business. Or they would be replaced by more efficient services that enough people thought valuable enough to buy. An honest, legitimate government would by necessity be both a competitive, profit-oriented service and an individual-rights protection business. In some areas, possibly several competing businesses, organizations, or companies might offer the same services in competing for citizens as customers.

Voluntarily supported governments and voluntarily supported businesses would really be equivalent entities subject to the same free-market dynamics and the unbreakable order dictated by free competition, market demands, investment protection, and value exchange. A nonforce government could be called Government, Government Company, or any other name. Likewise, that entity would be subject to the same economic disciplines of profits, losses, growth, competition, and bankruptcy as any competing business. In other words, in a Neo-Tech society, governments would have the same nature, disciplines, and anti-anarchy order as any free-enterprise business. And they would be subject to the same competitive influences and disciplines to improve quality and value. ...The ordered purpose of business would reign; the arbitrary disorder of mystical/neocheating, force-backed governments would vanish.

The transition from a force-dependent government to a nonforce government could cause some temporary dislocations, such as cutting welfare, stopping transfer-payment "services", and selling government property to pay off and close out Social Security claims. But those problems would be minor and transitory compared to the flood of permanent, major benefits that would immediately assert themselves. For example, national defense and police protection would immediately strengthen toward total effectiveness as purpose and efficiency soared. Moreover, a nonforce government would mean no taxes, no irrational controls or destructive regulations, no government corruption, no neocheaters, no wars, and a spectacularly prosperous, healthy, happy society.

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[ 43 ] But different political systems can vary greatly in their relative destructiveness. Western-world democracies, for example, are much less oppressive and destructive than are the terror-totalitarian systems of Russia, Red China, Nazi Germany, Cuba. Left-wing or right-wing, all totalitarian governments use the same institutions of power, force, and terror. That is why when a right-wing dictatorship falls, a left-wing dictatorship can so quickly seize and use the instruments of force already in place. Without much effort, the new government can continue usurping power and values as did the previous government, but with ever greater force and terror.

[ 44 ] Does Neo-Tech lead to anarchy? No, just the opposite. Neo-Tech leads to business-like order and prosperity. Only destructive, bogus-job authorities backed by force cause disorder and eventual anarchy.

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