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Protecting Children from Mystics

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Neo-Tech Advantage #84

What if people existed who purchased healthy, well-formed children and then mutilated their young bodies to create monsters splendid for laughing at? What if their formula were:

"Take a child two or three years old, put him in a porcelain vase, more or less grotesque, which is made without top or bottom, to allow egress for the head and feet. During the day the vase is set upright, and at night is laid down to allow the child to sleep. The child thickens without growing taller, filling up with his compressed flesh and distorted bones the reliefs in the vase. This development in a bottle continues many years. After a certain time it becomes irreparable. When they consider that this is accomplished, and the monster made, they break the vase. The child comes out -- and, behold, there is a man in the shape of a mug!

"This is convenient; by ordering your dwarf betimes you are able to have it of any shape you wish."

Victor Hugo
The Man Who Laughs

Impossible? No one could be that evil? ...During the 17th century, organized bands of Gypsies called comprachicos (from comprapequeños, the Spanish word for child buyers) developed the profession of creating human monsters from children. Why? For the jaded amusement of master neocheaters and professional mystics of Europe -- the royalty of government and church.

Did that period represent the height of evil toward children? Not at all. Today, comprachicos exist en masse around the world. And they are committing even greater crimes in creating less startling but more seriously mutilated children than their 17th century counterparts. Yet, their mutilations are more easily ignored. And, yes, even accepted by the mystical-blinded public:

Who are the modern-day comprachicos? And what forms are their mutilations? One group specializes in deforming the outer body while permanently damaging the internal organs. They produce adults incapable of experiencing happy, healthy, romantic lives. Those modern-day comprachicos habituate, for example, ice-cream parlors. In great numbers, those comprachicos gorge children with macro doses of the most widely destructive of addictive drugs -- sugar. An addictive sedative, sugar exhibits profound, long-range toxicity toward the human body and its organs. Sugar gradually and irreversibly damages the metabolic system and internal organs while bloating the body into unwholesome, grotesque shapes.

Those who are producing unhappy, sugar-addicted children by mutilating their bodies while damaging their organs are committing crimes more destructive than most child-molestation and child-abuse crimes. Moreover, those modern-day comprachicos are more culpable than their 17th century counterparts. The original comprachicos kept their children relatively healthy to achieve better market prices. They did not damage the children's metabolism or internal organs. Also, those 17th century comprachicos mutilated other people's children for money. But, the modern-day comprachicos mutilate their own children for nothing more than rationalizing their own overweight or self-esteem problems in defaulting to destructive mysticism.[ 47 ]

Can anything worse be done to children? Yes, something worse is being done everyday to millions of children: By nature, a child's mind is honest, innocent, and struggling to understand and integrate reality. What happens during the most vulnerable, formative period in developing a child's thinking and integrating ability as well as that child's competence, knowledge, honesty, integrity? Most parents and other adults traumatize and cripple that child's tender mind with heavy doses of mystical dishonesties. They do that by force-feeding the innocent child constant doses of blatantly dishonest religious or altruistic myths about spirits, God, Santa Claus. Such dishonesties are the antithesis of knowledge, contextual facts, and justice. And such repetitive blows to the child's newly developing mind and character can inflict deep, permanent damage. Those dishonesties often induce the first unnatural steps toward becoming an unhappy mystic or a destructive neocheater. ...Nothing healthy is reflected in the innocent, reality-seeking child being intellectually devastated by such irrational dishonesties as religious myths and Santa-Claus lies.

But even more severe crimes against children occur on a grand scale in most public schools and universities today. The perpetrators of those crimes are the majority of educators and philosophers of this world. They implement those anti-educational ideas advanced at the turn of the century by master comprachico, John Dewey. Such educators methodically destroy the efficacy of the child's mind. By the millions, eager, knowledge-seeking children turn into lethargic airheads or dishonest manipulators unable to achieve honest prosperity and genuine happiness.

Moreover, those comprachicos supported by government-backed schools are busily training millions of children to live dishonestly -- to live not by producing values for others but by cleverly usurping values from others. Indeed, they are training children to become mystics and neocheaters. For, those modern-day comprachicos must keep generating more mystics and neocheaters in order to perpetuate their big-lie survival hoaxes based on mysticism.

Who will protect innocent children from those crimes? Neo-Tech can and will eventually protect children from such crimes. And every Neo-Tech reader can help protect children by publicly identifying those modern-day comprachicos who carry out their mind/body mutilations in full view of a silently accepting public. The Neo-Tech reader can openly identify the damage being done to innocent children, particularly those children trapped within the public education system.

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[ 47 ] Go to the beach. Look at the couples over 30. How many s till look healthy, trim, attractive? Maybe 5%, probably less. ...Most adults surrender life by surrendering to mysticism. Indeed, they often mutilate and destroy each other's bodies and happiness. They directly or indirectly encourage or cajole their spouses into destroying their trim, beautiful bodies. Such insecure people actually want their spouses to grow fat and unattractive. Why? With an unattractive spouse, a person no longer needs to exert the care, thought, and effort required to prevent losing an attractive spouse in the competitive arena of romantic love.

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