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Rejecting Mystics and Neocheaters

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Neo-Tech Advantage #85

A Neo-Tech Protection Kit is available from the Kenneth A. Clark Memorial Office. The kit provides many specific, real-life examples and letters that show how Neo-Tech jettisons mystics and neocheaters. For example, the following letter illustrates an attack by neocheaters and how Neo-Tech effectively dismisses such neocheaters:

Mr. Paul L. Douglas, Attorney General
Department of Justice, State Capitol
Lincoln, Nebraska 68509

Dear Mr. Douglas:

Important to your future is understanding the enclosed letter from Mr. Thomas P. Vlahoulis of your Consumer Protection Division. As Nebraska's Attorney General, you are responsible for the actions of that Division and its use of taxpayers' money.

Please carefully read that letter, for it is under your name: Does Mr. Vlahoulis, you, or anyone in your Department of Justice have a single, concrete complaint about the Neo-Tech Research and Writing Center or any of our publications? If so, we request that you immediately inform us. For, we want to know exactly what the complaint is and who is making it. We insist on our basic right of knowing and facing our accuser so we may respond fully.

And very important, Mr. Douglas, why exactly is your Department of Justice gratuitously intruding into a publishing company with an inquisition directed at its writers and sources? What exactly is Mr. Vlahoulis implying or presuming, and on what basis? And what is the idea of his threatening us while remaining secretive in vaguely implying that the inquisition arises from "information forwarded by a concerned citizen"?

If someone has a complaint, then out with it so we can respond. Indeed, has Mr. Vlahoulis or anyone in that Division ever received even a single complaint? And what about the thousands of happy Nebraskans who have benefited from Neo-Tech? ...Just who is complaining and why? Or is Mr. Vlahoulis merely acting on someone's specious attack on values?

If no complaint based on fact exists, then I submit that Mr. Vlahoulis is consuming taxpayers' money in creating bogus jobs by conjuring up problems where none exist while sapping valuable time from innocent value producers. If that be the case, is not your Department committing a double-edged fraud under the aegis of "consumer protection"?

What would the citizens of Nebraska think about spending their tax money on harassing value-producing writers in the name of "consumer protection"? What would Woodson Howe, editor of the Omaha World-Herald, or Tom White, editor of the Lincoln Star, say about your arbitrary threats aimed at a publisher of ideas? ...Ideas that will collapse mysticism to benefit everyone except the neocheaters.

Through the philosophically oriented books and articles developed by the Neo-Tech Research and Writing Center, we have delivered objective, long-range values to over a million appreciative individuals in all 50 states and over 140 countries. Still professional mystics and neocheaters who are threatened by Neo-Tech always attack it, often vehemently, often imploring government authorities to stop our publishing activities. But, as they sooner or later discover, such attacks always backfire. For, we utilize all their attacks to our benefit. Indeed, their attacks directly enhance our business objectives of collapsing mysticism to eliminate neocheating. Moreover, their attacks are published and marketed in our Neo-Tech Protection Kit. That kit lets honest, productive people specifically identify and then forever dismiss those mystics and neocheaters who foment dishonest attacks on value producers.

We are resolutely principled and never knowingly yield to actions that are wrong or unfair, no matter what the cost. Indeed, over the long-range we build strength through a loyalty to honesty. And that means standing up to and publicly exposing neocheaters wherever we encounter them.

In addition to the definition of neocheaters on the second page of our enclosed statement of principles, I ask you to read the third page concerning our policies toward neocheaters. That policy includes never knowingly doing business, regardless of dollar losses, with those who live by force, threats, or fraud.

Enclosed are samples of letters from Neo-Tech owners. As you can see in the inset on the second page, various mystics and neocheaters fear Neo-Tech so much that they stridently threaten us, even with physical harm. Some have physically threatened our writers and some have tried to carry out their threats. That is one reason we shield and protect our writers. Additionally, all our sales literature openly displays a printed warning requesting professional mystics and neocheaters (e.g., clergymen and politicians) not to buy anything from us. For, we will not knowingly do business with any value destroyer. We reject their orders and never want their business.

But above all, we as everyone in America are protected by the First Amendment. And we as everyone in America can freely publish our ideas without anyone's permission or license no matter how many authorities, mystics, or neocheaters object, including those in government, including you, your Department of Justice, and Mr. Vlahoulis.

That raises the question of why I spent the time identifying the nature of Mr. Vlahoulis' actions. Am I letting your value-destroying minions consume my time needed to produce values for others? No, not at all. For I am a writer, researcher, and editor whose single, long-range responsibility is to develop and publish those identifications that will reveal and eventually eliminate dishonest mystics and destructive neocheaters -- in and out of religion and government.

Indeed, every destructive action integrated with Neo-Tech generates material for future publications. Those publications are dedicated to eliminating mystics, neocheaters, and their 2000-year hoax used to pillage value producers. For once free of mystics and neocheaters, society will be free of parasites and bureaucratic value destroyers. Then all people will be free to earn full prosperity, personal happiness, and romantic love.

And now a most important note. A personal note offered in goodwill to you, Mr. Douglas: I ask you to take the following step that will bring you and the public great benefits, now and in the future: Although we do not sell Neo-Tech to mystics, neocheaters, politicians, the clergy, most lawyers, certain academe, and others listed in our policy statement, we invite you to leave politics, acquire Neo-Tech knowledge, and join in the ascent of man and woman to guiltless prosperity, happiness, and romantic love.

If you arrange to leave politics to produce marketable values for others, I could arrange for you to purchase Neo-Tech as we have occasionally arranged for other nonqualifiers. But first you must desire to abandon neocheating in order to pursue a happy, productive life. So please let me know if you are interested in this new direction. For, we can help you. With Neo-Tech, you can be infinitely happier than working toward the next election.


John Flint
Director of RIBI

Note: Several months after receiving this letter and failing to accept its benevolent offer, Attorney-General Paul L. Douglas was impeached and later indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice.

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