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Neo-Tech Advantage #87

Mystic-free individuals who think and act with full-context integrations can easily retake power usurped by the mystics and neocheaters. And a mystic-free, Neo-Tech person can always outcompete those hampered with mysticism in personal and business endeavors. To consistently act in the rational interest of self, others, and society requires mystic-free thinking and actions in concert with fully integrated honesty...which is Neo-Tech.

With Neo-Tech, people can free themselves of the life-stunting oppression imposed by external "authorities". Once free, Neo-Tech people become totally responsible and accountable for their own actions and, thus, gain full control of their own lives and well-beings. Only with that responsibility and control can individuals be of maximum value to others in producing values. But those ideas of freedom and responsibility contradict the premises of both conservatives and "liberals". All such advocates of government control claim that individuals must in various ways be controlled by force or coercion to keep them from hurting themselves and others. And that is the greatest of all myths.

That great myth begins by omitting the adjective rational from the words self-interest. Such an omission allows one to falsely imply that free individuals will normally pursue irrational "self-interests" such as fraud, theft, assault, rape, murder if not controlled by government force or regulations. Irrational actions are always destructive to a person's self-interest, thus, are contrary to human nature. Irrationality, by nature, never works to the well-being of anyone. The human organism, as any living organism, if unfettered and free, works by nature toward the long-range best interest of everyone.

Similarly, every cell and organ in one's body freely functions toward its own well-being in order to deliver maximum benefits to the entire body. Cells and organs do not sacrifice themselves to other cells and organs. If they did, the entire body would die. Likewise, individuals free to function toward their own rational, nonsacrificial self-interests will achieve maximum prosperity for themselves, others, and society. If they allow themselves to be sacrificed, everyone loses except the neocheaters promoting sacrifice of others to their destructive, self-serving "causes".

Free, unsacrificed individuals provide the maximum benefits to others and society. But that is not the reason why government force and coercion against individuals by nonproductive mystics and neocheaters are morally wrong. Independent of the practical benefits, the principle stands: Each individual has the inalienable right to his or her own mind, body, and earned property regardless of those benefits that naturally accrue to others and society. No one can ever rightfully own or morally take any portion of another individual's life or earned property.

Freedom and property can be taken from an individual in only one of two ways: (1) by his or her consent (moral), (2) by initiatory force, threat of force, coercion, or fraud (immoral). All governments throughout history have immorally usurped individual freedom and property from their citizens by initiatory force or the threat of force. And that theft is always done under the Platonistic rationalization of serving some common "good" or "higher" cause.[ 48 ] All governments today initiate force or threats of force to deprive their citizens of their property, prosperity, freedom, happiness. ...While everyone has the right to use self-defense force, no one or no government has the right to initiate force or threats of force against anyone, for any reason, under any circumstances.

Why do certain people such as politicians, thieves, theologians, social intellectuals, many media people, most lawyers, most professors, and all other professional value destroyers seek to live by force, fraud, deception, or coercion? Why do they seek to live by usurping values from others rather than to live by producing values for others? One discovers the answer by stripping the layers of rationalization from such people. Beneath those layers is a lack of maturity and self-esteem, a lack of self-responsibility and independence, a lack of honesty and effort. For they made a secret choice to be dishonest, lazy, and dependent on others for survival -- a secret choice to avoid the constant integrated efforts needed to contextually understand reality. And such honest, contextual understandings are needed to produce competitive values desired by others.

Also, professional mystics, neocheaters, and other value destroyers hold various degrees of secret fear and envious hatred toward the value producer. After stripping away the various rationalizations from those value destroyers, the same core -- no matter how skillfully hidden -- always manifests itself. That core is dishonest laziness: a default against the constant hard effort needed to competitively produce values that benefit others.

Self-responsibility, rationality, honesty, and effort are necessary for human well-being and happiness. To live as designed by nature, people must produce competitive, tradeable values (goods or services) that others desire and will voluntarily buy.[ 49 ] By contrast, the character core of mystics, neocheaters, politicians, and other value destroyers is dishonest laziness. Consider, for example, essentially all politicians are lazy, despite their often cleverly staged, look-like-work flurries. Those flurries of "work" are really nothing more than flurries of anti-productive machinations or ego-boosting power ploys. Such destructive machinations are the daily routines of dictators, prime ministers, and presidents as so starkly revealed in the putrefied personal lives of neocheating politicians as Lincoln, Wilson, Stalin, Hitler, Churchill, FDR, LBJ. They are all soul mates concealing their mutual secret of laziness and living off the productive efforts of others.

Most professional mystics and neocheaters are "liberal" oriented.[ 50 ] To live off the producers, those modern "liberals" must promote the false notion that human needs are human rights. They must promote their non-sequitur emotional hoax that being "compassionate" means forcing the value producer to fill their parasitical needs.

Gaining unearned values is the foremost concern of "liberals". Yet, they constantly project that they are concerned about "higher values" and "compassion" for others. But their compassionate images are hypocritical shams. For, professional mystics and neocheaters are interested only in unearned power and bogus jobs so they can go through life living off the values produced by others.

Since professional mystics, neocheaters, and other value destroyers are not self-sufficient, they must spend their lives in a deceptive, resentful struggle designed to extract their material and emotional needs from the producer. Even those nonproducers who have inherited wealth are psychologically dependent on the producer. Those wealthy nonproducers must attack or undermine the producer to elevate their own weak egos and to camouflage their worthlessness.

Because of their parasitical nature, "liberals" are generally more destructive than conservatives. For, conservatives are often misguided value producers who live pragmatically -- without consistent principles. ...But also, some of the most clever neocheaters adopt conservative, free-enterprise images to dupe the producer into surrendering his or her earned power and self-esteem.

Conservatives generally promote material and economic freedom. But, to gain their unearned power, they want government to control morality and ideas. Most "liberals", on the other hand, appear to promote freedom of ideas such as free press, academic freedom, no censorship, freedom in the arts. Ultimately, however, that freedom is granted only to those who support their usurpations. For, to survive, "liberals" need governments to usurp money and values earned by others. ...What about "middle of the roaders"? They favor various mixtures of government control over individual minds, morals, bodies, and property. ...They are little more than pragmatists with no principles.

Only Neo-Tech people reject all usurpations of value, uses of force, and gun-backed controls over individuals. For Neo-Tech people orient exclusively around individual rights, not fake human rights. Both conservatives and "liberals", on the other hand, orient around two areas of false government power. Those separate areas they arrogate for themselves are: (1) controlling the mind and moral realms for the conservatives, (2) controlling the body and material realms for the "liberals". ...Only Neo-Tech people want to control no one in any way. They have no need or desire to control the spiritual or material realm of anyone. They recognize everyone's sovereign right to both realms.

* * *

The link between big business and laissez-faire capitalism is largely a myth originating from Karl Marx's anti-intellectual canards in his book Das Kapital. Consider that laissez faire is a French phrase meaning, "to let do", or "to let people do as they choose". Thus, laissez-faire capitalism means neither pro big business nor anti big business, but means simply individual freedom. Yet, today, most chief executives of large stagnated businesses are anti laissez-faire. Indeed, many entrenched CEOs support fascist concepts of big government. For such concepts utilize force-backed government regulations needed to protect their jobs and businesses from more competent, harder-working entrepreneurs and foreign competitors.

Laissez-faire capitalism simply means no government control over individuals and their property -- a Neo-Tech atmosphere. Within such an atmosphere, individuals are free to create and build businesses, including big businesses, even monopolistic big businesses. Within that laissez-faire atmosphere, government would have no power to support big businesses or protect monopolies (e.g., many banking, utility, and communication companies are monopolies protected by government force). Without government protection or assistance, big businesses and monopolies could exist and grow only by continually delivering better values than anyone else. Whenever any monopoly failed to deliver maximum values, the free-market dynamics in the absence of government controls would cause that monopoly either to deliver better values or yield to others delivering greater values. ...Market dynamics free of government controls will sooner or later collapse uncompetitive or harmful businesses, monopolies, or cartels.

Companies, businesses, industries, and monopolies are not detached entities, but are composed of individuals who function through individual thoughts and actions. Business entities are the property and extension of individual human beings. Thus, businesses possess the same inalienable rights of free action and ownership of earned values as individuals. Also, individuals and their honest businesses exert power through peaceful voluntary free choices, not through force, coercion, or deception as do professional value destroyers in or out of government.

Most government agencies ultimately exist through force, coercion, or deception. Thus, such agencies that depend on threats and force have no moral right to exist. Those agencies are in reality coercive engines of antisocial actions.

Governments are colossal mystical frauds that usurp power and values by force-backed laws and regulations. And those usurpations are used to further violate individual and property rights. Such destructive processes keep building and feeding on themselves. ...All value producers would benefit greatly without such governments.

Today, upper management of big-business is increasingly controlled by altruistic, neocheating "businessmen" who apologize for the business they now control, but never built[ 51 ] [Re: Neo-Tech IV]. Those altruistic "businessmen" are usually fascist oriented. For they use government force to shield their businesses from competition. Indeed, they promote anti-capitalistic legislation, regulations, and controls. The unspoken policies of those executives are to gain government favors and to encourage government-forced regulations that block more competent competitors and diminish or halt superior-value imports. Such executives realize that, without government interference, the free-market competition would eventually eliminate their jobs and their poorly managed businesses that they have drained through harmful government-approved, socially oriented "business" policies.

Government-corporate collusions inflate prices, lower quality, block competition, and are the antithesis of free enterprise. Indeed, the greatest enemies of free enterprise are not the socialists or "liberals", but are those business leaders who collude with government to consolidate their power without having to earn that power in a competitive, value-producing atmosphere.[ 52 ]

Perhaps the most evil collusions occur between neocheating executives of large companies and government bureaucrats in promoting envy-motivated antitrust laws. Those immoral laws are designed to penalize the most competitive companies and productive businessmen. But increasingly, the growing number of Neo-Tech executives will rid the corporate world of those government-colluding executives who neocheated their way to unearned power through force-backed laws, regulations, and controls. [Re: Mark Hamilton's "Ending the White-Collar Hoax" (Pincer #2) published by I & O.]

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[ 48 ] By contrast, no higher good or cause can logically exist i n this universe than the individual conscious being. For each individual, what could possibly be more important than his or her own one-and-only life? Nothing can, could, or should be more important. Indeed, without the conscious life of individual beings, existence itself would have no value or meaning.

[ 49 ] How many free, honest, productive people would voluntarily buy the "services" of a politician, a bureaucrat, a dictator, or a social "intellectual"?

[ 50 ] "Liberal" is placed in quotes because those who are called liberals today are the opposite of the past, classical liberals who represented anti-force, pro-individual ideas. Modern "liberals" do not have good intentions. They are anti-individual, anti-intellectual, pro-government-force reactionaries who have dishonestly usurped the label of "liberal" to create illusions of respectability and validity. Yet, they are nothing more than dishonest, immature people with criminal minds who survive by stealing power and values from the value producer.

[ 51 ] Essentially every big business was originally created and built by an honest, heroically productive individual such as E. I. du Pont, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, John D. Rockefeller, Harvey Firestone, and other industrial supermen. Such men are the true benefactors of working-class people, of value producers, of society and civilization. For those industrial supermen intensely pursued the moral objectives of benefiting their customers, workers, managers, and investors by delivering spectacular values to society at ever lower costs. Those creative, productive individuals contrast sharply with destructive, media-made "heroes" such as the Lincolns, FDRs, Naders, Kennedys, and other such bad-intentioned nonproducers who survive by attacking and harming value producers, their products, their businesses.

While never honestly acknowledging those who produce great wealth and values, the "liberal" or neocheating journalists and writers often praise the wealthy, nonproductive scions of past industrial heroes. Neocheaters especially praise those immature, nonbusiness-like "philanthropists" who dissipate inherited wealth such as Henry Ford III and Nelson Rockefeller. And those same journalists and writers attack nearly every major value created by outstanding businessmen, scientists, and industrialists. For example, under such guises as ecology, consumerism, or "compassion", the "liberal" media attack, often with rabid envy, the greatest, most heroic values created by conscious beings. Such outstanding values attacked include the automobile, the computer, the drug industry, the petroleum and mining industries, and America's magnificent food processing and distribution systems. At the same time, the "liberal" media are quick to praise progressively meaner values such as the car pool, the abacus, folk medicine, hand-made goods, growing one's own food. They promote those kinds of unheroic, mean values under good-sounding non sequiturs as returning to basic "values", returning to hand-made quality, returning to nature.

[ 52 ] An example of a big-business, conservative publication that effectively works against free-enterprise and Neo-Tech principles is The Wall Street Journal. Its editorial policy is pragmatic (not based on principles) and often advocates the use of government industrial policies, controls, regulations to "help" those big businesses controlled by lazy or incompetent management. Such an editorial policy is basically dishonest and fascist oriented, which is ultimately backed by guns. ...By contrast, the Journal's sister publication, Barrons, is basically honest and free-enterprise oriented, which is ultimately backed by free competition.

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