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Neo-Tech Advantage #88

Neo-Tech IV reveals the malevolent destruction of altruism as opposed to the benevolent productivity of business. Neo-Tech IV also demonstrates how neocheating executives are today undermining many great corporations. They can often hide their destructive drain of assets for many years by continually shifting long-range efforts into increasingly shorter-range pay-offs that keep profits growing while concealing the eventual, dead-end quality of such profits.

If altruistic chief executives are taking over major corporations and causing their long-range demise, who then is left to stop the neocheaters' continued consumption of business? Who will lead the way to a society in which mysticism and the resulting neocheating are eliminated? Who will uphold the productive individual as the highest value? Who will lead the way to a society in which prosperity, happiness, and biological immortality will reign supreme among human beings?

The answer is today's growing army of value producers who are becoming knowledgeable about Neo-Tech. For such people hold genuine power as identified in the Epilogue in Neo-Tech IV. That Epilogue is from a report titled, "The Fundamental Principle that Determines the Long-Range Common Stock Value of a Corporation". And that report points the way for creating great, long-range wealth within any productive corporation. One key necessity is to establish an Industrial-Philosophy Department responsible for making major actions consistent with the principles of fully integrated honesty (Neo-Tech). ...Neo-Teching business policies and actions inject vitality and profitability into companies, large or small.

Neo-Teching the World of Mystics and Neocheaters

Neo-Tech traps professional mystics and neocheaters in their world of big lies. Neo-Tech reveals the exact opposite to what most people have been led to believe by mystics and neocheaters. For example, how many people realize that:

1. The media-labeled, 19th century "robber barons", such as the transcontinental railroad builder Jay Gould, were heroic value producers who enormously benefited the working class and society -- more so on net than all the politicians, clergymen, and Nobel peace laureates who ever lived, combined.

2. Despite Charles Dickens' burning intentions to depict the contrary in his Christmas Story, the most honest, moral, productive, and happy character is Ebenezer Scrooge. That is until the mystics and neocheaters guilt-tripped him into becoming a maudlin altruist who as a result would eventually ruin his business and destroy the livelihoods of many who had attacked him.

3. The political/religious/media axis have built the highest reverence and respect for some of the bloodiest, most morally perverted, but most brilliant succession of neocheaters in the history -- the popes and cardinals. And with bizarre irony, those men, by competitive necessity, were and are closet atheists. In fact, the entire upper hierarchy of the most powerful religion (or of any powerful religion or other neocheating organization) would have to be closet atheists in order to be aware, competent, and competitive enough to achieve their power.

On knowing the nature of neocheating, one fact becomes compellingly obvious: To successfully impose such an ingenious, big-lie, 2000-year hoax continuously on millions of confused, mystical-accepting victims, all popes and cardinals could not be intellectually crippled with the disintegrated thinking of theism. For any high-ranking Catholic official believing his own mystical, God-concept propaganda would be (1) too benighted to outmaneuver the fierce competition vying for power, and (2) too unaware and incompetent to orchestrate such a mighty hoax. Thus, all popes, cardinals, and probably most bishops would have to be atheists to be aware enough for attaining their positions of power. Also, theists would be too naive, unaware, and uncompetitive to perpetuate for centuries such a cleverly integrated hoax. ...Only those who saw through their own promulgated mysticism would be aware and competent enough to win the fierce competition for the positions of power occupied by popes and cardinals.

4. Only a small percentage of university professors today are intellectuals. Genuine intellectuals use their minds rationally, honestly, productively. Most university professors today are fake intellectuals who use their minds cleverly, dishonestly, and destructively to hold their bogus jobs. They are professional neocheaters. Thus, even the most "famous" of such professors, even Nobel laureates, do not produce net values. Instead they wreak great damage on the minds of their students. ...Neo-Tech will bring a worldwide purge of such university professors.

Great intellectuals exist in every major area of productive human activity. Genuine intellectuals are those businessmen, industrialists, scientists, engineers, artists, musicians, and educators who advance their profession by using their minds honestly in working hard through rational actions. A rational, hard-driving, successful mining engineer, for example, is highly intellectual in mining, but may not be highly intellectual in English literature. At the same time, a university professor of English literature is probably not highly intellectual in mining. Indeed, he may be incompetent to function intellectually in any area of business. Perhaps he is even incompetent in English, especially if he or she is a low-effort, laid-back, tenured professor living off taxpayers. Such professors damage students' minds by using non sequiturs to attack the potency of the logical mind, reason, heroic value producers, and their life-giving products.

The only difference between intellectualism in the business world versus intellectualism in the academic world is that performance in business is much easier to measure and thus more difficult to fake. That is why the academic world accumulates such a high percentage of lazy charlatans and clever pseudo-intellectuals compared to the business world. Those charlatans and pseudo intellectuals cannot survive in the business world. For, through their fake jobs cleverly designed to camouflage their laziness and dishonesty, they have become uncompetitive and incompetent. Still, they can fake lifelong careers in the academic world. And as long as mysticism and altruism dominate philosophical thought, such pseudo-intellectual neocheaters will proliferate throughout the academic world.

5. The many pseudo ecologists and self-appointed "consumer advocates" today are not interested in protecting the environment or human beings. Deceptively hidden behind their neocheating non sequiturs and destructive work is a contempt for human life and happiness. They use ecology and consumerism as tools of demagoguery, often with the goal to cripple and eventually eliminate the benefits of technology, industry, and free enterprise. As a result, many valid ecological problems are obscured, confused, and remain unsolved. Moreover, the long-range destructiveness of such neocheaters is surfacing in many areas. For example, consider Rachel Carson's decades-old book, "Silent Spring": Its specious charges and unscientific conclusions caused the banning of DDT, which in turn caused a resurgence of malaria in Asia and Sri Lanka at the eventual cost of perhaps a million lives -- lives of human beings, not birds or fish. Yet, people will never find those facts among the neocheating academe and media.

With government banning of DDT and other pesticides, the mosquito and insect populations burgeoned along with a proportional rise in "ecologist" caused famine and disease such as malaria and encephalitis. In addition, those irrational bannings have decimated trees and crops in the United States and around the world. The banning of DDT has also lowered the world standard of living by billions of dollars per year in crop losses and expenses. That, in turn, significantly increased third-world inflation, hunger, suffering, famine, and death. All that human death, destruction, and suffering starting from the handiwork of just one "ecologist" needing to feel good by boosting her pseudo self-esteem with dishonest non sequiturs. [For more details, see Neo-Tech Advantage #90.]

An even more destructive breed of neocheaters exists who methodically decrease the living standards for everyone. That breed includes self-appointed, "consumer-advocate" demagogues epitomized by Ralph Nader and his raiders [Re: R. De Toledano's book, "Hit & Run", Arlington House]. In the long run, their destruction surpasses that of even the murderous bannings of DDT and cyclamates (see Neo-Tech Advantage #90). For the real targets of those "consumer advocates" are the value producers from which come all life-enhancing values. Moreover, the pervasively destructive work of Nader sets up the psychological conditions for unjust attacks on great value-producing companies such as Union Carbide:

Years ago, a great benevolent company, Union Carbide, was excoriated and threatened with extermination by the neocheating media and politicians for a tragic accident in India for which the Indian Government itself was responsible. The Indian politicians arbitrarily and irrationally forced Union Carbide to hire incompetent, distrustful nationals who were unable to perform even basic security-control operations. Such forced interference by government neocheaters left Union Carbide unable to properly protect its business from sabotage by envious, anti-business value destroyers. That sabotage at Union Carbide for which the Indian government was responsible left 2500 dead -- the worst industrial "accident" in history.

But that tragic loss of life was minuscule when compared to the routine, purposeful slaughter by political neocheaters. To the "liberal" media, the murder of 2500 people by their Marxist soul mates would hardly be newsworthy -- too common, too minor, too routine, not really that bad.

Such examples starkly contrast the good of business people to the evil of political or government neocheaters. The loss of life from the worst industrial accident in history is little more than a casual day of slaughter for totalitarian neocheaters. For example, at the same time that Union Carbide was being excoriated by the dishonest media for sabotage that was not even the company's fault, no media outrage arose toward Marxist murderers in Ethiopia who were purposely starving to death millions of innocent men, women, and children they considered politically troublesome. Instead, the media were going through news-twisting contortions and telethon spectaculars in trying to falsely show the cause of that coldly calculated mass starvation was a drought rather than their soul-mate Marxist-Leninist politicians. They were mass murdering so they could feel big, feel important, feel unearned power. They were mass murdering by purposeful starvation, just as Stalin did two generations before in the Ukraine.

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