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Protection From Government

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Neo-Tech Advantage #89

People build. Governments destroy. Who really needs governments? Productive individuals always suffer a net loss from mystically conceived, force-backed governments. Such governments diminish everyone's values, earnings, life. They survive by always expanding their unearned power. And they expand that power by increasingly transferring the earnings and property of the producer to the nonproducer by force, threats, coercion, fraud. Thus, governments and politicians, by nature, can offer only life diminishment as they continually increase their force-backed demands on the value producer. At the same time, they aggressively finagle respect and adulation for their destructions through non sequiturs and fake altruistic catchwords such as "compassion", "the heart", "humanitarian", "human rights". But never do they mention the only valid points -- individual rights and competitive value production.

To psychologically survive, politicians must garner praise for their usurping values from others without producing values for others. They use the handy, God-like, "goodness" gimmicks of altruism to make their destructive actions seem "good", "compassionate" and "humane" while hiding the criminality of their destructions. Such is the nature of political neocheaters and their media, academic, and religious collaborators. For that reason, effective business people who exist by producing values for others have no desire, time, or reason to diminish their lives by becoming politicians or other neocheaters who exist by usurping values from others.

All political, religious, academe, and media neocheaters destroy the personal property and individual rights of others through escalating usurpations from value producers. Without Neo-Tech to stop the neocheaters, they would eventually dissipate all productive wealth and individual freedom, causing a worldwide economic collapse with an enormous loss of human life, well-being, and happiness. [Re: Table 53, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia shows how to protect property and happiness from government destruction.]

The need to protect oneself from neocheaters reveals another destructive effect of mysticism: Government neocheaters usurp values for themselves and their parasitical soul mates. As the neocheaters attack and usurp those values, the most productive citizens are drained of investment capital, creative energy, individual freedom, and irreplaceable time. Those producers must increasingly struggle to protect themselves, their loved ones, their property, their means of production, and especially their time from the ravages of government value destroyers. More and more valuable time, capital, and effort are wasted in:

  1. following destructive bureaucratisms and irrational government regulations, and

  2. studying, paying attention to, and speculating in nonproductive asset protectors, tax shelters, and inflation hedges such as gold and silver.

Many people go broke through such speculations, especially those who act mystically. For example, the libertarian movement was broken by acts of self-mysticism -- by those acting on emotions of economic revenge and wishful thinking in hopes of acquiring effortless wealth through leveraged gold and silver speculations.

With such speculations come the unhappy emotions that accompany disaster-oriented speculations. Those emotions include hoping for economic collapse, crop devastation, mass destruction, war, or other major disasters in order to have those speculations "pay-off". ...Buying gold on margin and hoping for war and other catastrophes is an unhappy way to live.

Also, people increasingly lose concentration on their productive work as they follow their speculations. Producers become unproductive speculators[ 53 ] as they increasingly look for easy wealth through speculation rather than through producing values with integrated thought and hard work. But in a Neo-Tech society free of neocheaters and destructive governments, all that time, energy, and capital would be channeled into uses that benefit the individual and society: Producers would spend more of their time and energy on producing values for others rather than on having to protect themselves from government value destroyers.

Governments are nothing more than groups of people. Many of those people are value destroyers who exist by usurping power and values from others to the harm of everyone and society. Some, however, do honest work in the government, especially in service areas such as postal, police, park, library, scientific, technical, military, intelligence. But all governments are controlled by neocheating politicians, bureaucrats, and lawyers living off the producer. Behind all their rhetoric about "service to society" and "working for higher causes" is their need to survive by usurping values earned by others.

Power usurped through government force gives neocheating politicians illusions of control over reality. They use those rationalized illusions to build pseudo self-esteems needed for psychological survival. Their need for unearned power grows from a base of laziness, immaturity, a lack of self-responsibility, and a desire for an easy route to "accomplishment" and "control".

By contrast, self-sufficient producers such as successful business people earn genuine self-esteem through their own integrated thinking and hard efforts. They have no need for unearned power or usurped values. They have no desire to forcibly control the lives of others. That is why genuine value producers are seldom, if ever, interested in politics. ...Productive business people are too busy being happy, creative, and productive to waste their precious time on unhappy, destructive politics.

Earning major values along with long-range happiness requires an independent aloneness. Neocheaters, nonproducers, value destroyers, and politicians dread that aloneness. The glib politician, being psychologically and materially dependent on others for survival, has a desperate need to be among people, to buy their favor with tax money, and to become increasingly involved in their lives by increasing government control over them. ...The worst situation for the neocheater or politician is to be left alone, especially to be left alone to survive by his or her own efforts. By contrast, the value producer usually has no desire to get involved with the "public" lest his or her irreplaceable time for value production be wasted.

Perhaps the cruelest of government neocheaters are those "liberals" whose actions pass under the specious banner of protecting the elderly. For, their neocheating actions always end up draining the well-being, happiness, and earned savings of elderly people.

Most elderly people no longer have growing assets or competitive earning power. A large percentage of them have worked hard and honestly throughout their lives only to have government policies drive them into the inescapable trap of government dependency. They are further lured into that government trap by, for example, social-security policies that offer temporary relief from inflation only to be devastated by the next wave of inflation and a failing social-security system.

Government manipulations through taxation and inflation diminish the well-being and happiness of everyone. But those destructive manipulations especially debilitate elderly people dependent on the government for survival. For, governments subtly push their dependent elderly citizens toward unhappiness, suffering, early death.

Most elderly people deliver themselves into that dependency trap by believing that government is a benevolent, positive force that will somehow benefit them in the present and help them in the future. The opposite is true. By nature, no one can ever look to any government for net benefits. Indeed, the essence of government is value destruction from which long-range benefits and values can never flow. Thus, one must always avoid government dependency to protect his or her well-being and happiness.

The unhappiness trap shuts when a person becomes dependent on government for needs. Once the trap is shut, that person's life turns downward with declining self-esteem, well-being, and happiness.[ 54 ] To avoid that trap, a person must recognize that government is by nature a destructive, life-negating force that should be avoided in every possible way. A person should never believe in, count on, or become dependent on any aspect of government for his or her present or future well-being. The only way to retain growing prosperity and happiness is to remain independent, self-sufficient, and commercially productive, especially as one grows older.[ 55 ]

The best asset for future prosperity and the best protection against government, mystics, and neocheaters is fully integrated honesty -- or Neo-Tech. Indeed, Neo-Tech is the development of personal honesty, integrity, and the ability to perceive reality accurately in order to competitively produce values for others. Thus, the most valuable gift given to children and adults is Neo-Tech knowledge. For that is the knowledge needed to accurately perceive reality, to reject mysticism and neocheating, to develop personal integrity, and to competitively produce tradeable values desired by others.

Conservative, libertarian, and most anarchist political movements offer no long-term protection from value-destroying mysticism and neocheating. In fact, such political movements eventually add to disorder and the destruction of values. For all of those movements are pragmatic and not based on fully integrated honesty. Thus, they only serve to tear down one destructive, mystical system while providing a starting point for an even more destructive, mystical system as happened in Russia, Nazi Germany, Red China, Cuba, Iran, Nicaragua.

Similar shifting forms of mysticism are happening in the United States. Such examples include those "liberal"-demagogue movements orchestrated to undermine rational efforts for national defense and self-protection.

In any case, the only certain, long-term self-defense protection from government -- domestic and foreign -- is to collapse the hoax of mysticism in order to eliminate its symbiotic, value-destroying neocheaters.

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[ 53 ] Professional speculators, however, do deliver competitive values by making needed markets and stabilizing prices


[ 54 ] Innocence is what traps most honest, productive people. Believing that most people are basically good and honest (which is fact), productive people cannot grasp or imagine the inherently dishonest nature of governments. They can not grasp the immature, evil nature of neocheating politicians, bogus-job bureaucrats, and their agents of force who exist through camouflaged value destructions.

[ 55 ] Useless old age is neither natural nor inevitable for anyone, despite constant government inducement to become aged, retired, useless, and dependent on neocheating politicians for survival. [Re: Concept 114, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]

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