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Rewards from Life

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Neo-Tech Advantage #9

Nearly everyone desires the rewards available from conscious life. But, few people achieve those rewards. And, by nature, people who buy into mysticism or promote altruistic, self-sacrifice can never experience those rewards.

The main reasons for prosperity limitations and failures are (1) the lack of knowledge and (2) the acceptance of mysticism. But the Neo-Tech concepts provide that knowledge for eliminating mysticism to achieve full-range prosperity and happiness.

Many myths about prosperity and happiness promoted by professional mystics and neocheaters sound right and click into people's minds as packages of truth. But those myths are misleading and destructive. For example, the works of Sigmund Freud, Herbert Marcuse, and Wilhelm Reich promote the myth that sex dominates human behavior. Their views help promote the false notion that all human life is oriented around sex. While sex is important to life, joy, and pleasure, such an all-inclusive life orientation around sex is false. Instead, the drive for life is oriented around advancing the survival and well-being of the living organism -- not around sex.

Survival is man's fundamental physical need. And self-esteem is man's fundamental psychological need. A person's life is oriented around those physical and psychological needs -- not around sex. ...Still, sex plays a major, pervasive role in human life, joy, and pleasure.

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