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Government Death Machines

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Neo-Tech Advantage #90

All current governments depend on coercion and force. Thus, they are destructive to human life, productivity, prosperity, and happiness. The destructiveness of the United States government is implemented mainly through force-backed bureaucracies such as the BATF, EPA, FDA, FTC, INS, IRS, OSHA, and the SEC.

Consider, for example, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA): That bureaucracy has been responsible for the premature death of many thousands of people through its arbitrary, forced banning of such life-saving, free-choice discoveries as the cyclamate artificial sweetener. The palatable cyclamates effectively replaced the deadly poison of sugar to reduce caloric/carbohydrate intake, obesity ailments, diabetes, heart-attack deaths for millions of people.

Such FDA value destructions serve only to satisfy some value-destroying bureaucrat's need to feel important, to feel unearned power through destruction of human lives and values.

Also, the arbitrary banning or controlling of life-saving products such as non-toxic pesticides, herbicides, food preservatives and additives, new drugs and medicines has caused death and suffering on massive scales.[ 56 ] In addition, FDA regulations on drug research and marketing retard or prevent the development of many life-benefiting, life-saving drugs, medicines, and devices while increasing research and development costs to prohibitive levels. Effective cancer cures, for example, would certainly have been developed years ago if research and business were free from regulations and controls. For, such freedom allows aggressive individuals and companies to openly pursue the full profit and achievement potential in discovering and marketing effective cures for cancer, AIDS, and other diseases.

Even more important, FDA regulations block the required risk taking, incentive, and business freedom required for rapid development of human biological immortality. [Re: See Neo-Tech V]

The blocking of human progress along with mass suffering and death are the natural results of government force. And government agencies are the instruments of such force. The essences of agencies such as the BATF, EPA, FDA, FTC, INS, IRS, OSHA, and the SEC are always destructive and their intentions are never good. Such agencies costing billions of dollars each year serve only to harm productive individuals and society. Indeed, those life-depriving agencies are subtle death machines that are directly and indirectly responsible for more suffering and deaths than all wars of history. (Wars are also government sponsored.) Throughout history most governments with their use of force, fraud, and coercion begin as "legalized" protection rackets and always end as destructive engines of crime and death. Such governments operate under the rationalizations of protection, altruism, the social "good", and "higher" causes.[ 57 ]

Agencies such as the EPA and FDA often carry out their destruction through dishonest assertions. They assert, for example, that DDT or cyclamates might be "bad" for the ecology or cause cancer in animals. Then they expand their power with a job-creating bureaucracy to control or ban such substances. Usually those agencies hide their dishonesties with non sequitur "facts". They often manufacture unscientific data developed from spurious research to "prove", for example, that use of cyclamates might cause cancer in humans: Research on feeding megadoses of cyclamate diet sweetener to rats indicated that humans could experience bladder irritation or even tumors if they drank the equivalent of 700 bottles of diet soft drinks per day over an extended period of time. When, in fact, that amount of water alone (to say nothing of the immediately fatal amounts of sugar in less than 100 bottles of non-diet soda) would fatally break down the kidneys in human beings.

Still, the FDA used those non-sequitur, rat-feeding data to assert that cyclamates can be cancer-producing in human beings. The FDA then demanded that the producers prove that cyclamates do not cause cancer. Since a negative cannot be proven, the government neocheaters subsequently used their dishonest, non-sequitur data to ban the sale of cyclamates without any scientific evidence of harm to a single human being. At the same time, those neocheaters purposely ignored the wide-ranging, beneficial, life-saving effects of that artificial sweetener.

The FDA, EPA, or any other government agency never honestly attempts to prove their assertions. Rather, those agencies demand that the producers disprove their assertions. Their demands to disprove assertions or accusations contradict the concepts of honesty, objective law, and justice. Indeed, to demand proof of a negative undermines honesty by shifting the burden of proof away from the source making accusations (the neocheaters) to their victims (the value producers).

Without the burden-of-proof standard, government and religious neocheaters avoid the responsibility to prove their assertions and accusations. Without the burden-of-proof standard, neocheaters are not accountable to honesty. Without that accountability to honesty, professional mystics and neocheaters can continue to usurp power and bogus livelihoods through fraud, deception, and force.

Theists use that same arbitrary, anti-intellectual standard in asserting the existence of God. Unable to back their assertions with proof, they expect nonbelievers to prove that God does not exist. But that proving-a-negative ploy is intellectually untenable and undermines the protector of honesty, which is: the burden of proof always rests on the one making an assertion or accusation.

* * *

By nature, most government bureaucracies cannot produce values. Thus, to grow, such bureaucracies must usurp power by destroying values. In turn, value destruction requires little competence or effort. Thus, by necessity, value destruction is the modus operandi of most government bureaucracies and agencies -- the most virulent being the BATF, EPA, FDA, FTC, INS, IRS, OSHA, and the SEC. To conceal their destructions, they masterfully use non-sequitur facts and mystical ploys to justify their destructive usurpations from the value producers. But now, after 2000 years, the evolvement of Neo-Tech will collapse and eliminate those fake empires of destruction.

Often, only a scientist trained with the scientific method can identify the neocheater's dishonest use of facts and information. Without Neo-Tech, most people have no way to discern the dishonesty of neocheaters. And without Neo-Tech, most people will confusingly accept the neocheater's usurpation of values. But with Neo-Tech, destructive mysticism and neocheating ceases through the competitive dynamics of business. [Re: The November-3rd Trap]

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[ 56 ] As shown in Advantage #88, the government-forced end to DD T alone is responsible for perhaps a million or more malaria deaths. Moreover, forced banning of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical preservatives is decreasing food productivity while increasing production costs, poverty, suffering, and starvation. [Re: J. Maddox, "The Doomsday Syndrome", McGraw-Hill] That irrational banning of valuable agriculture chemicals and food preservatives also causes greater food scarcity in famine areas to greatly increase worldwide malnutrition and starvation. The massive suffering and death in the name of protecting the environment or "doing-good" by government bureaucracies is documented in Grayson and Shepard's book, The Disaster Lobby, Follett Publishing Company. That book also demonstrates how advancing industrial and business technology free of government interference steadily (1) protects human life, (2) improves the environment -- water, air, land -- for human habitation, and (3) solves genuine ecological problems.

[ 57 ] As the frauds of altruism and "higher causes" are identified and rejected by the value producers, the neocheaters will lose their unearned power. Once the value producers identify and reject mysticism, all fraud-based religions and force-backed governments will vanish.

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