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Suicide Option

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Neo-Tech Advantage #91

In addition to the false guilt laid on value producers by the mystics and neocheaters, a subtle psychological block inhibits many value producers from experiencing their earned happiness. That block is the subconscious fear that sometime in life one must lose his or her happiness...that someday one must endure terminal suffering and pain.

Even without biological immortality, a terminal loss of happiness never has to be endured. So long as a productive person has some degree of freedom and choice, that person can always maintain and expand happiness. If circumstances totally beyond one's control forever eliminate all possibilities of maintaining and expanding happiness (i.e., a no-escape situation from a terror-totalitarian torture death or the final stages of a painful, terminal illness), the individual has the right and option to avoid a terminal existence of unhappiness and pain. That right and option is suicide.

Suicide is every individual's personal right and final option. By fully and guiltlessly realizing that suicide is always available, a person is freer to live more fully in traveling an open-ended journey toward ever-expanding happiness. By accepting the concept of the suicide option, one never needs to fear the permanent loss of happiness.

The suicide option should never be misconstrued as an escape or option when life is difficult, or seems hopeless, or even when one seems to lose everything, including one's invaluable, irreplaceable romantic-love partner. With consistent rational choices, a person can always experience increasing happiness again, no matter how difficult or painful the immediate situation seems. The only two situations in which suicide is a rational option for the productive individual are (1) a no-hope, high-suffering, terminal-illness situation, and (2) an absolutely no-escape, no-hope slavery/torture/death situation.[ 58 ]

Ironically, suicide is also the only viable option for those irredeemably evil neocheaters who have murdered others for their bogus livelihoods and usurped power (i.e., all murderous dictators and terrorists as Castro, Idi Amin, Qaddafi, Pol Pot, Yasir Arafat, Ariel Sharon, Abu Nidal, Sinn Fein leaders, Khomeini, Li Ping).

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[ 58 ] An absolutely no-hope slavery situation could exist only a fter all escape, resistance, and guerrilla warfare options were irrevocably eliminated (if that is possible).

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